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Google rejects Pirate Bay removal request

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 13 Sep 2013 22:37 User comments (1)

Google rejects Pirate Bay removal request Google has decided not to remove the Pirate Bay homepage from its search results after the URL was included among thousands in a DMCA notice.
The search giant receives requests to remove millions of URLs from its search results from content providers/trade groups looking to lighten the exposure that illegal sources of content have online. Google typically complies with requests as the URLs do usually point to infringing content or outright host it.

However, in a request sent to Google from the BPI with 2,056 URLs included, Google took no action on just one URL:

The fact is, the Pirate Bay homepage does not link to any infringing content directly at all, and therefore Google likely finds that its removal is not warranted.

Google did temporarily block the Pirate Bay in the past following a request allegedly from "Remove Your Content," and later restored it admitting it was in error.

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114.9.2013 18:20

Thank you Google

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