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Sony planned PS4 bundles with camera

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 10 Oct 2013 6:22 User comments (8)

Sony planned PS4 bundles with camera Sony planned to release the PlayStation 4 (PS4) console bundled with the PlayStation camera, and may yet still offer such a bundle.
President of Sony Computer Entrainment, Andrew House, said that the original consideration was to bundle a camera with the PS4 by default, but that the company just couldn't reach the magic price point of $400 and made a marketing decision to axe it.

"Certainly for the earlier part of the lifecycle, the vast majority of the audience that we speak to tells us that their primary wish is for the full controller interface and there's not necessarily a huge emphasis being placed on camera interaction," he told Business Spectator.

The magic price touted by Sony was always to be $200 less than the PlayStation 3 (PS3) was at launch in 2006, when it debuted for $600.

Microsoft made the decision to bundle Kinect with every Xbox One console, which added $100 to the price at launch.

House did indicate however that Sony may bundle the camera as standard at a later date.

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8 user comments

110.10.2013 15:20

not bad

210.10.2013 15:38

Originally posted by A5J4DX:
not bad

Seriously, dude? Weren't you just told that this type of spam response is not OK?

310.10.2013 16:57

A5J4DX, got a 2 week ban, next time a month & permanent the next.

410.10.2013 17:10

if the camera isn't attached to a bundle I don't know how sony thinks they'll profit on move games.

510.10.2013 18:39

The camera is, as far as I am aware but anyone feel free to correct me: will cost $60 on the side: so anyone still interested in the device can purchase it for less than than Kinect attached to Xbox One. Hell Kinect for 360 still goes for $100+ in some places. Honestly it's not that bad, should that be the case: though I myself still not going to bother.

610.10.2013 23:34

I prefer a controller in my hand not these wireless gadgets that work with cameras or sensors. Only reason for me to use them is for boxing type games.

711.10.2013 13:45

Seems to me that once a cam is factored in the cost difference between Xbox One & PS4 becomes very slight (and with bundled games the balance goes to Xbox One's side).

PS fans may well say they don't care about the camera but as I read it without one you don't get all the PS4 features.

811.10.2013 16:50

Wow! SUCH old news!

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