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Microsoft now speaking with Huawei, Samsung about dual-boot Android/Windows Phone options

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 10 Oct 2013 19:02 User comments (5)

Microsoft now speaking with Huawei, Samsung about dual-boot Android/Windows Phone options Last week we reported that Microsoft had approached HTC in an effort to get the company to begin offering Android phones that can also dual-boot Windows Phone 8.
Microsoft is said to be dropping the licensing fee for Windows Phone significantly, if not outright removing it, if the OEMs will agree to such a situation.

New reports state that the software giant has now approached Samsung and Huawei, as well, with similar propositions.

Samsung, the report states, is actually working on such a device, a dual-boot tablet that will offer Android and Windows RT, and interesting development.

In addition, the new reports states that along with dropping the licensing fee, Microsoft will compensate companies for any "necessary adaptation costs."

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5 user comments

110.10.2013 19:11

So they are actually admitting that Windows RT is a liability for free? Well, at least they are trying I guess. Personally I'd be much happier if Samsung would just make their best phones like the Note 3 as Nexus devices...but I guess dualboot is kinda neat for hackers...brick the Android side and you can use the windows side to fix it!

211.10.2013 14:12

A tablet I could see dual-booting, but a phone is just asinine. Most people don't care what OS is on their phone. It just needs to make calls, text, and run some basic apps that are identical for the most part no matter the OS (facebook, twitter, weather apps, etc...). This sounds like a desperate ploy from M$ to get someone, anyone, to use their phone OS. Sadly the reception they got along with 8's embarrassingly slow adoption rate is showing how little they know about delivering what the customer wants.

Offering the OS for free if they combine it with a competing OS is tantamount to extortion. I wouldn't be surprised if they don't wind up in court over anti-trust violations for this.

311.10.2013 15:53

Most tech people don't care about $M products. "We" care about open source, privacy & customization: like Cyanogen-Mod style. Just saying.

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411.10.2013 20:45

lets see... i dont use windows phones... i dont like windows phones or its OS... so why on gods green earth, would I even want to CONSIDER BUYING or even using a dual boot phone.
I like android and will never switch to windows. i will use blackberry before i go to windows phones. M$ should stick to computer windows not on its phone.

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515.10.2013 13:27

One thing most people are forgetting is the fact that Windows phone would synch with their Outlook on the desktop. Windows CE did and I am assuming the W8 phone would too.

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