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Apple to fix unresponsive 13-inch MacBook Pros

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 01 Nov 2013 0:11 User comments (6)

Apple to fix unresponsive 13-inch MacBook Pros Some users of Apple's new 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display have encountered a problem with the device.
Apple has said that in some rare cases the MacBook Pro's keyboard and touchpad may become unresponsive. It has pledged to fix the issue as soon as possible with an update.

Until then, it suggests closing the laptop for a minute or so and then re-open, which resets the affected components and will act as a temporary workaround for affected users.

Apple also acknowledged a battery drain problem with its new iPhone 5S smartphone this week.

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6 user comments

11.11.2013 2:18

But wait; I thought "it just works"?!


Sorry, but I couldn't resist the dig at all those smug Apploids. As if the "beachball of doom" was ever fundamentally any different from a "BSOD", anyway ^^' ...

21.11.2013 4:11

↑ This.

Apploids? Lmfao. I love it.

They do tend to come off as rather smug, don't they? Lol

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31.11.2013 15:03

Why does Apple always refer to their problems as 'rare cases'? And how many users are 'Some' users?

41.11.2013 21:50


53.11.2013 10:08

I think I've seen this myself on a macbook air? programs freeze for a min or so then works again then freeze again can be real bad.

63.11.2013 11:01

I'm willing to bet at least $0.25 that this is a graphics driver issue.

As a side note: Looking at prices, good lord! I bought a gaming laptop for less!

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