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Samsung must pay $290 million in additional damages to Apple

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 21 Nov 2013 10:49 User comments (5)

Samsung must pay $290 million in additional damages to Apple A jury has ruled today that Samsung must pay Apple $290 million in additional damages for their patent infringement loss. Apple had been requesting $380 million.
Altogether, the damages award now totals $930 million. Samsung had argued that it only owed $52 million in additional damages.

"For Apple, this case has always been about more than patents and money," Apple said in a statement. "It has been about innovation and the hard work that goes into inventing products that people love. While it's impossible to put a price tag on those values, we are grateful to the jury for showing Samsung that copying has a cost."

Samsung will of course be appealing, and says they are "disappointed by today's decision, which is based in large part on a patent that the US Patent and Trademark Office has recently deemed invalid."

Last year, a jury ruled that Samsung infringed on five Apple patents related to design and functionality. From the first trial, Samsung owed $640 million in damages. The new award ruling was dependent on what the two sides what agree to in regards to Apple's lost profits, Samsung's profits, and the amount that would have been paid in royalties. What was eventually agreed upon was that Samsung sold 10.7 million devices that infringed on Apple patents, generating a whopping $3.5 billion in revenue.

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5 user comments

122.11.2013 01:17

Originally posted by Apple:
...this case has always been and hard work...inventing products that people love...impossible to put a price tag on...copying has a cost.
If it's so impossible to put a price tag on, why waste time, money, manpower and effort deciding a cost?
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222.11.2013 12:55

Once again, Apple has done the impossible...or at least what Apple claims to be impossible in spite of it being done many times before for a lower price.

322.11.2013 17:07

isn't this the same lawsuit that apple lost in south korea & europe?

422.11.2013 17:20


523.11.2013 14:07

Originally posted by ddp:
isn't this the same lawsuit that apple lost in south korea & europe?
Yup, but Apple never loses in the good olde U S and A

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