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E-tailer Overstock to begin accepting Bitcoin next year

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 22 Dec 2013 13:58 User comments (4)

E-tailer Overstock to begin accepting Bitcoin next year Large e-tailer has announced that it will begin accepting Bitcoin as a payment option in the Q3 2014.
CEO Patrick Byrne says the company is still working on the logistics of accepting the currency. They may create their own proprietary system for transactions or work with Bitcoin payment processors like Coinbase. There will be no cost to implement the system, says Byrne, so it is something they'll leave in place unless literally nobody is using it.

The company has over $1 billion in revenue per year. Just like other companies, Overstock will likely convert the Bitcoin right back to dollars after accepting them, unless they can find a tool to hedge risk if keeping the currency in actual Bitcoin.

"It will put [Overstock] at a competitive edge if, and only if, the general population starts thinking and using bitcoin," concluded Byrne. "We're willing to take the first step and see."

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4 user comments

122.12.2013 16:47

This is the next step, people~

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222.12.2013 19:21

Pretty cool news. As eventful as 2013 has been for Bitcoin, 2014 looks to be another interesting year.

323.12.2013 12:58

Bad thing is I have never seen anything on Overstock that I couldn't get cheaper elsewhere. Also theres the I don't trust imaginary currency thing too. Count me out.

Just my $0.02,


423.12.2013 18:12

I like the whole idea of Bitcoin about: To take "The-Power" from the Federal Reserve, Wall Street (NYSE & Others), Goverments, Corporations & The Rich People. (Including Credit Card scammers companies making $$$ out of thin air).

This is 2014:
1.- "WE THE PEOPLE" We are not your Sheeps.
2.- We don't own you NOTHING !
3.- Class-War: It always being the name of the game.

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Live Free or Die.
The rule above all the rules is: Survive !
Capitalism: Funnel most of the $$$ to the already rich.

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