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Samsung: Affordable OLED years away, 4K transition will happen faster

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 12 Jan 2014 14:07 User comments (3)

Samsung: Affordable OLED years away, 4K transition will happen faster Samsung's executive VP of its visual display business HS Kim believes affordable OLED TVs are still several years away, but is optimistic on the transition to UHD.
Samsung and LG were the only two companies to sell OLED televisions in 2013, but with prices starting from around $9,000. OLED televisions make good impressions on reviewers but they are priced far out of the wider market that Samsung has dominated for years.

"Not many consumers tried to purchase OLED TVs at that price," Kim said. "Price was our greatest barrier. So our attempt to expand the market didn't really go well. I'm really, really terribly sorry to say this, but it will take more time. ... I believe it will take around three to four years."

Just a year ago, Kim had predicted it would take 2-3 years to make mass market OLED televisions, but there are difficulties plaguing the manufacturing process of OLED TVs.

Kim believes that the transition to Ultra-HD content will happen much faster than the transition to High-definition did nearly a decade ago. Content providers have made intentions clear to start offering 4K this year, with companies like Netflix in a prime position to benefit from the change.

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3 user comments

112.1.2014 15:17

They have time. 3yrs sounds fine to me.
I'm interested in OLED as the only credible replacement for a quality plasma screen, but as of right now there are serious question marks over the longevity of the OLEDs themselves, especially the blue ones.

I'm not buying an expensive TV that can hardly stand 3yrs normal use, it's as simple as that.

I'm also happy to wait until then to make a 4k transition, I'm not especially bothered about 4k but I expect at some stage it will just become the norm rather than a premium feature to gouge early adopters.

212.1.2014 16:09

I want OLED TVs!

313.1.2014 2:31

ultra definition will become the normal then a higher definition will be made.

few years to save for a good tv sounds fine to me.

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