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Twitter #Music is officially dead

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 23 Mar 2014 15:17 User comments (6)

Twitter #Music is officially dead After months of rumors that the app would be shut down, Twitter has confirmed the death of its #Music service.
The iOS app is already gone from the App Store but if you have it installed already the service will continue to run until April 18th.

April 18th is the one-year anniversary of when the microblogging giant launched the app.

Download numbers were never great, and project boss Kevin Thau left his position late last year to join Jelly.

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6 user comments

124.3.2014 18:46

This really pisses me off. Not because I use(d) Twitter Music, but because the website/app that they acquired to create it was already good and something I did like using.

225.3.2014 2:44

never heard of it.what was the original website name?

326.3.2014 13:26

Twitter serves ONE (1) purpose only and it's NOT MUSIC.

It serves as a conduit for celebrities to dictate their tilted and jilted belief systems to mindless followers that feel compelled to know what Rhianna is doing every minute of the day.

As a secondary use, it benefits those trying to get information OUT OF THEIR COUNTRY from countries that don't approve the dissemination of the Arabic world and Communist countries. Of course this secondary use is moot when the country itself blocks.

Twitter doesn't benefit

426.3.2014 14:27

ill second that one.

526.3.2014 23:00

I don't care to use popular social media.

627.3.2014 0:04

i dont even like the unpopular

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