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Gamers already reporting issues and bugs with PlayStation 4 v1.70 firmware

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 30 Apr 2014 11:51 User comments (4)

Gamers already reporting issues and bugs with PlayStation 4 v1.70 firmware Last night, Sony released v1.70 firmware update for the PlayStation 4, adding numerous key features including HDCP disabling and the addition of ShareFactory.
Unfortunately, users have flocked to Reddit to note issues and bugs they are having with the update.

One Reddit user reported a black screen bug upon disabling HDCP. After disabling HDCP and launching SHAREfactory, the user wrote: "After playing around with a BF4 clip for a few minutes, and being quite impressed I realized I couldn't hear any sound. So I backed out, went to Amazon to quickly play some TV to check that sound was working (quicker than loading a game, or so I thought) and went straight to a black screen. Despite numerous reboots, I've since been unable to connect directly from PS4>HDMI>TV. I just get the black screen."

Another user in a separate thread said, "Ever since I updated my ps4 has been flickering like crazy, even when not attached to my elgato capture card. It seems like once I turn HDCP off, it blinks like a mad man, and won't stop til I turn it back on.. really confused and disappointed about this."

Within each thread, others noted they were seeing similar issues, and some even offered solutions. If you are having problems, it is worth clicking through the links above.

For more information on the update itself, here is the full update list via Sony.

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4 user comments

130.4.2014 21:52

HDCP Disable is a huge plus......You wouldn't expect that from Sony.

22.5.2014 21:56

I have not experienced any issues since the update. Everything is working for me.

32.5.2014 23:39

This is exactly why I stick with PC! I hate having any type of firmware forced on me. What if the firmware sucks? You are screwed till they decide to fix it. 'nuff said.

43.5.2014 12:07

PC gaming rules for sure just need them to release more top titles on pc to keep me happy.

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