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Dish Network: Say no! to the proposed Comcast-Time Warner Cable deal

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 09 Jul 2014 20:38 User comments (5)

Dish Network: Say no! to the proposed Comcast-Time Warner Cable deal Massive satellite broadcaster Dish Network (DISH) has met with FCC officials in an effort to try to get the proposed Time Warner Cable and Comcast merger blocked.
The deal will "present serious competitive concerns for the broadband and video marketplaces and therefore should be denied," the TV provider writes in their FCC filing. In addition, "a combined Comcast-TWC will be able to exercise its enormous size to leverage programming content in anti-competitive ways," claims DISH.

In the past, large deals have been allowed when either one or both companies makes concessions (such as selling spectrum in a wireless deal), but DISH does not believe there are "any conditions that would remedy the harms that would result from the merger."

As a combined company, TWC and Comcast would be far and away the largest cable provider in the U.S., and it would be almost a monopoly in many places, including home run markets like New York City and Los Angeles.

One major concern is how the merged company could leverage their size in negotiating distribution deals with content suppliers. In addition, both companies are also ISPs and would have the ability to block out rival video services if they so choose.

"Comcast-TWC will have at least three 'choke points' in the broadband pipe where it can harm competing video services: the last mile 'public Internet' channel to the consumer; the interconnection point; and any managed or specialized service channels, which can act as high-speed lanes and squeeze the capacity of the public Internet portion of the pipe," Dish told the FCC. "Each choke point provides the ability for the combined company to foreclose the online video offerings of its competitors."

All of these concerns (and plenty more) are sure to be at the forefront of many more months of discussions between regulators.


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5 user comments

110.7.2014 14:22

I'm betting my ass that this doesn't go through. It's a total anti-trust issue. The 2 LARGEST companies in N.A. merging to squash the competition???? F THAT!

The DOJ will likely NOT approve this.

Just as the DOJ denied ATT and Tmobile merger.........this SHOULD and hopefully will get kiboshed!

211.7.2014 7:59

Not only is there the concern of the two combining as data/video service providers to the home... EVEN WORSE, is that BOTH are MAJOR creators of CONTENT also! Not to mention so called controllers of so called "channels". What would prevent them from raising prices to competitors for the ability to carry a channel that subscribers want. How about raising the prices to carry a new or older syndicated program to limit distribution to their own distribution lanes...

Of course there are even more downsides for competitors and ultimately consumers.

311.7.2014 8:43

I thought monopolizing in USA was illegal?

411.7.2014 9:28

WAAAAYY to fishy right there. For once I have to agree with Dish. I think hell froze over.

511.7.2014 13:59

These companies need to be broken up not combined...

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