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Video: Windows 9 Start Menu in action

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 12 Sep 2014 10:10 User comments (3)

Video: Windows 9 Start Menu in action

German tech site WinFuture has posted a few videos showing off the features of the upcoming Start Menu for Windows 9.
Microsoft also showed a demo earlier this year, mixing Live Tiles, Modern apps and legacy apps.

Account options are pinned to the top, while shutdown/restart have their own button. The Start Menu itself has two sections, one for legacy apps and then a second section on the right for modern apps with Live Tiles. It will work in general like the Windows 7 start menu, allowing for pinned apps, favorites, recently used and a full list of your installed apps.

Tablet users can continue to use their regular Start Screen, but keyboard/mouse users can choose to default right to the desktop.

Check the videos here:

Windows 9: Startmenü geht auch ganz ohne Live Tiles

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3 user comments

119.9.2014 11:07

This seems very APP focused none of the videos show opening desktop applications from the new start menu. It is more like minaturised W8 start screen rather than the old start menu. Third party apps still offer a better and more elegant solution - eg start 8

220.9.2014 15:33

They really need to get the old classic start menu back, forget the video tiles....

322.9.2014 02:42

You may be able to dial up a Win7 theme. Still, I don't think MS are gonna stop pushing their apps anytime soon.

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