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Did the Xbox One set a sales record during Black Friday week?

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 05 Dec 2014 19:33 User comments (2)

Did the Xbox One set a sales record during Black Friday week? According to a new report, both Sony and Microsoft had great Black Friday weeks, moving consoles at record paces.
Sony sold over 550,000 units for the week ended November 29th in the U.S., stronger than any Black Friday week its predecessor PS3 had.

Microsoft, thanks to bundles and a price cut across the board, sold a whopping 720,000 units in the U.S., easily outselling its rivals.

The Xbox One's sales set a record in the U.S., outselling every console in history for the Black Friday holiday week, according to the site. Keep in mind, VGChartz is normally very shaky with their information, and even the sourced article has errors and typos, but the news would not be shocking.

Microsoft dropped the price of their consoles by $50 to $349 MSRP, and that included bundles like Assassin's Creed. Some retailers even dropped the price to $329 to move units. The PS4 also saw some discounts, but nothing along the lines of those seen by the Xbox One.

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2 user comments

16.12.2014 13:24

But what they are not telling you from the Microsoft camp:

(Wal-Mart is currently reporting that almost all of there xbox ones that where being sold on black friday are being returned because the number one complaint from people is they cannot download the games that came in the bundle without xbox live and no one wants to pay 50.00 for a buggy game)

This is currently happening in stores everywhere because once people find out they have to be online and do not want there kids online at all the consoles are being returned in droves so i wouldn't listen to there sales at all.

on top of that there noticing the really bad problems with assassins creed that comes with the console so there even more turned off.

at the store where my family works they got 250 xbox ones sold on black friday all that they had the next day 100 came back the next day another 100 came back there total sales of xbox ones 50
wow 50 sucks

29.12.2014 8:36

Well, sales numbers (everywhere) say otherwise.

If it was true that everyone (or almost everyone) who bought an XB1 brought it back quickly then it would never sell in the numbers it is, not for months on end
(and like it or not XB1 sales have been very good since launch, not quite at PS4 levels but it is doing very well, as is, obviously, the PS4).

As for discounts?
It's obvious this gen, what with the off-the-shelf components, neither Microsoft or Sony are going to have a problem discounting.
Certainly not compared to last gen where it took quite a while for prices to match production costs.
That 'headroom' is only going to grow & grow.

The fact is neither console really pushes the envelope - and Microsoft & Sony were very deliberate about that.
They wanted instant profitability & not a rerun of last time out.
Hence why more than a few are not quite so impressed (by either) so far.
Maybe next year as devs really get optimising everything they'll look better but right now they're on the 'ok' level rather than 'wow'.
Both of them.

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