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What to expect from Galaxy S6? Business Insider says metal

Written by Matti Vähäkainu (Google+) @ 12 Jan 2015 9:12 User comments (3)

What to expect from Galaxy S6? Business Insider says metal Samsung is preparing another flagship press event at this years Mobile World Congress in March. A lot depends on this one phone and its possible accessories as Samsung's stocks in the smartphone industry have been withering.
According to the information Business Insider has gathered from "sources familiar with the company's plans" Samsung will introduce not only one but two flagship variants at the event.

In addition to the two phones BI notes another revision of Gear smartwatch is coming. It will be the first one with a round display for the Korean company.

The sources say that the construction of one of the phones will include metal as is expected after the launch of Galaxy Alpha – the predecessor of metal design flaunting Alpha series – and Galaxy Note 4. It is however not yet known in what fashion the metal is used.

The non-metal variant features an Edge-like curved display. Galaxy Note Edge features a curved display that wraps around the right side of the phone (pictured above).

Business Insider notes that Samsung's plans can still change before the press event in early March.

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3 user comments

112.1.2015 13:55

What to expect????????

Another P.O.S. lousy, slow Android device.....once again milled out by the company that has put Apple to shame for how it flushes out it's massproduced garbage every year.........that's what to expect.

Android always has and always will be insecure and slow as molasses up hill in January. Samsung will always be the phone maker that has clearly followed the simple saying of "throw enough shit/mud on the wall and some of it will stick".


Ditch the cellular and remember what it's like to have a conversation!!!

Been w/o a cell for year and a half........LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

212.1.2015 15:20

All I know is that my contract is up in june and I'm buying the baddest piece of shit running android money can buy. If s6 ain't out then LG can have my money.

313.1.2015 0:20

Still quite happy with my S5...and guess what? It's not noticeably slower than the day I bought it! OMG! This goes against everything Hearme0 has been telling us IN ALL CAPS! I'm truly sorry that my phone is working so well, buddy...and I'm ashamed to say that when this one wears out, I'll GET ANOTHER ONE!

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