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Chinese police arrest men who tunneled into warehouse to steal iPhones

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 18 Jan 2015 1:31 User comments (4)

Chinese police arrest men who tunneled into warehouse to steal iPhones

Police in Beijing have confirmed the arrest of three men that allegedly tunneled into a warehouse to steal 240 iPhone 6 units that were valued at $230,000.
The men dug a 20-inch hole through a building wall of a Chinese logistics firm where one of the men used to work. That suspect, who officials only called "Chang," used to work for the company as a driver and had intimate knowledge of the site.

After selling the phones, the men allegedly spent the money on cars, gambling and physical gold.

Apple helped provide serial numbers for the devices, and police were able to find and arrest the suspects through tracking the phones.


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4 user comments

119.1.2015 04:33

Wow stupid's

219.1.2015 10:18

In China, eh?

Did they steal iPhones or iFones?

319.1.2015 13:07

silly that you would sell stolen phones in your own country, best idea would be to export and sell in small amounts and not from your real phone number LOL, Great theif, bad resale

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419.1.2015 14:04

it wouldn't have mattered where they sold them apple has a record of every iPhones serial number and can disable the serial number in iTunes and block out the device

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