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Samsung loses over 30 percent of its smartphone market share in China

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 19 Jan 2015 2:26 User comments (2)

Samsung loses over 30 percent of its smartphone market share in China Samsung had a rough year in 2014 in China, losing significant smartphone share in the nation to rivals like Apple and Xiaomi.
In January of last year, the company had a massive 20 percent share in the market which has dropped to 13.7 percent, a full 30 percent drop year-over-year.

While Samsung remains on top, Xiaomi and Apple took share as did smaller rivals like Huawei, Lenovo, Coolpad and Meizu.

Many of the Chinese-based OEMs have priced Samsung out, especially Xiaomi which sells their flagship devices for 30-50 percent under Samsung's devices.


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2 user comments

120.1.2015 00:27

Honestly ask your self this question because if these phones are region locked and they travel to another country where the gsm or the region code doesn't work then what are you going to do i would rather have samsung at least i can run a custom o.s and unlock the phone for all regions.

220.1.2015 16:17

Manufactures dont usually lock phones is the Carrier that locks them. You could have Samsung phones lock if you buy them from a carrier or you could buy it unlock if you buy it directly from Samsung. Example of unlocked phones are Nexus and OnePlusOne. OnePlusOne is a Chinese phone and it works with GSM carriers in the US.

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