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Edward Snowden film wins Best Documentary at Academy Awards

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 23 Feb 2015 21:17 User comments (3)

Edward Snowden film wins Best Documentary at Academy Awards The Edward Snowden documentary 'Citizenfour' won Best Documentary last night, despite the controversy of Snowden's leaked secrets.
Directed by Laura Poitras, the film documents her meeting with Snowden and journalist Glenn Greenwald. Snowden revealed thousands of NSA documents that seemingly confirmed the agency was spying on Americans.

"The disclosures that Edward Snowden reveals don't only expose a threat to our privacy but to our democracy itself. When the most important decisions being made affecting all of us are made in secret, we lose our ability to check the powers that control," Poitras said during her acceptance speech. "Thank you to Edward Snowden for his courage, and for the many other whistleblowers, and I share this with Glenn Greenwald and other journalists who are exposing truth."

Snowden has been charged with treason and will spend the rest of his life in jail if he is ever brought to the U.S. Snowden is currently living in Russia and Poitras says the film was made in secret and edited in Germany.


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3 user comments

125.2.2015 21:15

So what has been achieved by these revelations ? The government now knows that nothing can be done to stop their action. It will just get bolder and indulge in even worse behaviour. We in India realised this some 45 years ago when Indira Gandhi declared emergency and jailed all the opposition. At least here the elections do reflect real emotions and sentiments of the masses. In the US only money speaks and nothing can be done to change the government. Funny thing is a 59 to 41 vote in the senate won't pass a bill but a dicey count and a mere 300 votes difference will determine the presidency.

226.2.2015 13:14

You are so right!
When Union Carbide got away with their disaster in India I knew
the United States and its citizens were in for a ride.

31.3.2015 0:56

This was an amazing movie. Was like watching a real life spy movie. I'm not calling Snowden a spy with this comment, I actually consider him a hero.

In the movie you get to see Snowden as he's coming out with all these revelations about the gubment. He knows his life is going to change forever yet it's more important for him to get the truth out to the people than it is for him to preserve his own well-being. He is a true hero in ever sense of the word.

I don't know what the bigger travesty is...that the gubment is listening in on every one our our communications or the fact that nobody seems to care that they are doing this too us.

"If you ain't doing nothing wrong, you have nothing to worry about." That is the biggest cop out saying I have ever heard in my life. If you ain't doing nothing wrong than you should not be treated like a criminal!!!!

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