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Google buys entire '.app' top-level domain for $25 million

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 27 Feb 2015 0:34

Google buys entire '.app' top-level domain for $25 million Google has purchased the entire '.app' top-level domain (TLD) for $25 million.
In 2012, Google applied for a few new TLDs including .android, .docs, .app and more. ICANN, the group that controls the world's domains, began auctioning the TLDs in June and other tech giants have already acquired their own TLDs for millions of dollars.

At $25 million, however, Google's investment dwarfs previous purchases including '.tech' which sold for $6.7 million and '.buy' which sold for $5 million.

"We've been excited and curious about the potential for new TLDs for .soy long. We are very .app-y with .how, at a .minna-mum, they have the potential to .foo-ward internet innovation," a Google spokesperson said, making references to some of the search giant's other TLDs.


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