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Cyanogen 12 will use Boxer as its default email app

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 13 Mar 2015 11:28

Cyanogen 12 will use Boxer as its default email app

Mobile operating system maker Cyanogen has announced that Cyanogen OS 12 will use Boxer as its default email app, moving away from Google's own Gmail and its own Email app.
CEO Kirt McMaster has made it clear the company wants the operating system, which is based on stock Android, to move away from Google applications and services. In fact, McMaster has even bluntly said they want to "take away Android from Google."

Boxer will provide the foundation of the standard "Email" app that ships with Cyanogen, and the version included will have al the premium features available to the $14.99 buyers of the Boxer premium app. You can have unlimited accounts, customized quick replies, Exchange support, third-party app integration and much more. The UI will match Cyanogen 12, which is based on Lollipop.

All new devices with Cyanogen OS will shop with the Boxer email app, and existing devices like the OnePlus One will get the update in the coming weeks.

Get a taste for Boxer here:

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