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Nintendo fans rejoice as first-party characters are headed to mobile devices

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 17 Mar 2015 10:00 User comments (4)

Nintendo fans rejoice as first-party characters are headed to mobile devices After years of rejecting the notion, Nintendo has announced that it will begin making games for mobile devices thanks to a partnership with large Japanese mobile gaming company DeNA.
Investors were extremely happy with the news, taking the company's stock up over 30 percent following the announcement.

DeNA is set to begin developing new smartphone and tablet games featuring Nintendo characters this year. Each company also invested $181 million in each other, giving Nintendo a 10 percent stake in DeNA and giving DeNA a near 1 percent stake in Nintendo.

There are not expected to be any first-party titles headed to iOS and Android (including no ports), but instead games that are designed for smartphones including characters like Mario, Donkey Kong and Link, for example.


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4 user comments

117.3.2015 22:12

I hope this works out and we do not just get more ridiculous apps that make you pay to play/win like many of the mobile games are now. I much rather pay a few extra dollars for a quality game than get it for free or 99 cents and then have to pay and pay to keep playing but I guess making the game free is how they get the suckers to download it. Let's hope Nintendo's characters help overcome that.

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217.3.2015 22:17

I can't help but think of more games like Pokemon Shuffle which may as well be "Pay to Win". Quite frankly I won't support their mobile apps; but anything to bring Nintendo any more revenue, fair enough.

318.3.2015 02:00

I hope it ports games and just not milk it with crapware....

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419.3.2015 18:30

just download a PSX or PSP on your phone and play some good games.

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