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Casio prepares to enter the smartwatch market

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 05 Jul 2015 10:17

Casio prepares to enter the smartwatch market

Japanese watchmaker Casio is ready to jump into the smartwatch market.
Casio says its watch will be a watch first and foremost, one that tries to be smart. The company says other watch makers have made smart devices that have tried to be watches, and have therefore failed.

The watch maker first introduced digital watches 40 years ago, and is the maker of the extremely popular G-Shock series. Casio's watch have included schedule managers, heart-rate monitors and other messaging features in the past, but so far the company has stayed away from the smart watch arena.

"We are trying to bring our smartwatch to a level of watch perfection: a device that won't break easily, is simple to put on and feels good to wear," said Kazuhiro Kashio, the company's new president. It turns out the company has been working on a device for 4 years with the same team but prototype after prototype has been rejected.

Casio is expected to launch the smartwatch for around $400 during the Spring of 2016.


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