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UK High Court rules CD ripping illegal, again

Written by Matti Robinson @ 19 Jul 2015 3:20 User comments (4)

UK High Court rules CD ripping illegal, again The British government decided last year that CD and DVD ripping, amongst other format changes, are allowed as long as the copy is not redistributed and the original piece has been acquired legally. This isn't the case anymore as High Court reverts the decision.
The High Court took the case after music industry claimed it was illegal to copy material without a fair compensation. And indeed the court ruled that copies without proper payment to the right holders is illegal.

The music and movie industry rejoice but the result might hinder the job of some teachers and researchers. It is however highly unlikely that the ruling will be enforced upon the masses.

The government's view on the subject was that the backups of individuals do not create a significant financial deficit to the creators and therefore didn't need to be funded.

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4 user comments

120.7.2015 02:47

That's just silly.

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220.7.2015 08:58

You got that right pard.
Matter of fact people in the US don't give a hoot about the
copyright law and people give it the middle finger.

I lost count of how many dvds i have copied and never mind that the practice was supposed to be illegal.I lost interest in it.......

I hate movies and I can't find any live music dvds i would not
even waste my time on pirating when i can find things on youtube....

320.7.2015 11:57

It's silly, unenforceable (except against teachers) and counterproductive.

Literally every time Big Media has tried this, piracy has skyrocketed.

420.7.2015 12:27

What a stupid waste of time.

So Sony are gonna stop selling blanks.... NOT!

Its a lot easier being righteous than right.

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