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Browser maker Opera looking into potential sale of company

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 09 Aug 2015 11:14 User comments (4)

Browser maker Opera looking into potential sale of company Browser maker and online advertising firm Opera Software has said this weekend it may be seeking a sale of the company after another quarter of less than expected earnings.
Opera says the search for a partner or a sale is "in response to strategic interest in the company from a number of parties."

The company said its Q2 revenue grew 45 percent to $146 million, below all analyst predictions and profits were $29 million compared to the expected $30.6 million.

Worst of all, due to a drop in revenue from their advertising business, the company is now expecting revenues of $600-$618 million for the fiscal year, compared to their previously forecasted $630-$650 million.


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4 user comments

110.8.2015 18:05

Time to bring back the Presto-based browser that made Opera famous.

210.8.2015 18:47

It was evident that Opera was in trouble when they abandoned their own engine in favor of the Chrome engine and thereby lost the functionality that made Opera a favorite among those in the know. How Firefox ever eclipsed Opera in the market is beyond me.

Maybe new ownership can resurrect Opera and make it the dominant browser it deserves to be.

311.8.2015 14:23

The fact that a currently-profitable company can be considered "in trouble", while companies that have never made a profit are inestors' darlings, is perfect proof that the "rational actors" of the Chicago School of economics simply do not exist -.-' ...

411.8.2015 15:26

Good point, and good to see that there is support for Opera out there.

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