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Apple acknowledges 'Staingate' and will replace screens

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 20 Oct 2015 9:16 User comments (2)

Apple acknowledges 'Staingate' and will replace screens Apple has acknowledged the very valid concerns of Retina MacBook Pro users who are being affected by 'Staingate' and will replace the screens free of charge.
Staingate had been affecting thousands of Mac users, and within a few months the anti-reflecting layer had begun to wear off, leaving a hideous stain across the screen that could not be replaced without voiding the warranty.

Notably, if you already paid for a replacement, you may be eligible for a refund through AppleCare.

The new program will cover MacBooks and MacBook Pros from within three years of their original purchase date or for one year from October 16th, 2015.


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2 user comments

121.10.2015 00:10

GOD I hate that F'ing term "Gate"!!! Trendy sheeple!

But in this, who cares as manufacturing defects befall EVERYBODY!

Even the almighty Crapple.

221.10.2015 10:50

Why would you want an anti-reflective layer anyways? No matter much coating you put on, light will always reflect (or refract at worst).

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