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Airbnb raises another $100 million

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 22 Nov 2015 1:15

Airbnb raises another $100 million

Airbnb has raised another $100 million, valuing the company at $25.5 billion and proving that not all unicorns are dead.
The company had revenue of $340 million in the third quarter, with total bookings topping $2.2 billion. Both of the numbers were year-over-year growth of 90 percent and total nights booked were 23.8 million for the quarter, up from 11.3 million year-over-year.

Airbnb makes money by taking 3% of every booking and also charges guests anywhere from 6-12%.

Despite the huge growth, the company is not likely to be profitable for some time. The home rental company said earlier this year it expects to lose $150 million, thanks in part to a strong US dollar and significant investments in marketing, R&D and growth.


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