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Microsoft to reportedly buy SwiftKey for $250 million

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 02 Feb 2016 9:50

Microsoft to reportedly buy SwiftKey for $250 million

Despite the fact that Microsoft has arguably the best mobile keyboard of the major operating systems, multiple reports claim that the software giant is preparing to buy SwiftKey for $250 million.
SwiftKey has long been a popular keyboard for Android and more recently for iOS, but the alleged selling price still seems high given that the company's main source of revenue is from in-app payments for different themes and emojis.

FT speculates that the deal and the high price has nothing to do with the keyboard but more to do with SwiftKey's current research in artificial intelligence and their new keyboard that uses a neural network rather than algorithms for predicting what you are typing.

Regardless of how they use the IP, Microsoft continues to make smart investments in smart teams as the company expands its cross-platform services.

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