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New Victorinox accessory will turn your non-smart watch smart

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 28 Feb 2016 11:25 User comments (2)

New Victorinox accessory will turn your non-smart watch smart Swiss Army Knife and watchmaker Victorinox has shown off a new accessory that will turn your traditional watch into a smartwatch.
The new Cybertool attachment will clip on to your existing Victorinox INOX watch and will give you the ability to take calls, texts and view notifications.

Additionally, the accessory has GPS support and will have some basic fitness capabilities like step counting and calorie counting.

The attachment is set to retail for over $200 and, of course, you need the INOX watch as well, which will set you back another $500. There is also the question of how it will look (doesn't look too promising).


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2 user comments

128.2.2016 18:31

$200.00 for this piece of shit?!? Perhaps if you have money to piss away....

229.2.2016 17:05

It does look kind of clunky at first, but I really like the idea of what they are trying to accomplish. I think this add-on type of design will have a market, and could evolve into it's own genre of product for upgrading legacy timepieces. I also think that their target audience that would buy this sort of clever product is exactly the same type of people that already buy their watches and knives. Similar to Apple launching any new product, they already know there are a certain percentage of sheeple out there that will buy anything imake. Or in my case, the next big piece of Galaxy shit. Maybe these guys can make an attachment to turn my home phone into a smart phone, that would be really clever, and maybe have scissors on it too just in case

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