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Adobe reveals another Flash vulnerability, patch already out

Written by Matti Robinson @ 11 Mar 2016 2:24 User comments (1)

Adobe reveals another Flash vulnerability, patch already out Adobe has revealed that its Flash player was subject to another vulnerability. This time patch is already out and the company suggests you install it immediately.
The security vulnerability can allow third parties to access private information on your computer and even control the computers, says Adobe. It affects all the major operating systems, including Windows, Macs and Linux.

Fortunately the fix for this has already been released in the latest update. Most browsers feature automatic updates so you should be already safe, but to make sure check that your Flash version is as follows: Linux, Windows and Macs, Google Chrome, Windows 10 Edge and Internet Explorer, and Windows 8.x Internet Explorer

You can update your Adobe Flash at

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1 user comment

112.3.2016 23:13

I don't use flash nor do I encourage people to use it...EVER!

Adobe is a terrible company with terrible software except maybe their CS. Flash is a shitty program needing constant attention and causing people's computers to become infected. Java is another contributor but HTML5 is here and should be adopted EVERYWHERE!

Flash does not exist on my computer. If I hit a website that requires it, I pass. Even porn has gone to HTML5 mostly.

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