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Spotify hopes groups build playlists through Messenger

Written by James Delahunty @ 21 Jun 2017 5:02

Spotify hopes groups build playlists through Messenger

Spotify is introducing Group Playlists for Messenger, allowing for a group to build playlists even if some of the group don't use Spotify.
You could use this new feature to build playlists for planned parties, for example, or just to keep up to date with new music that your friends hear.

Users can now create a Group Playlist, share it with their friends, and add songs to it directly within the Messenger app using the Spotify Chat Extension. Once a friend has created a Group Playlist, others in the conversation can add more songs directly through the Spotify Chat Extension, available by tapping the blue "+" icon next to the composer. They do not need to be on Spotify.

To try it out, visit

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