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Android storage full? Google's free Files Go saves the day

Written by Petteri Pyyny @ 27 Jan 2018 5:59 User comments (3)

Android storage full? Google's free Files Go saves the day Google just updated its free (and ad-free) file manager for Android devices, Files Go.
Files Go is Google's solution to Android's ever-present problem of storage memory being full. Files Go can analyze the device's storage and find duplicate files, unused installed applications and old cache files that take up space - and allow deleting such files in order to free up some resources.

App that was originally launched back in 2017 was recently updated to a new version that now supports also SD cards for scanning and has better UI for tablet-sized devices. App is also pretty good file manager and in that area, things have improved too: users can now choose default apps for each file type (regardless of the Android's internal default selections).

You can download Files Go from here.

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3 user comments

127.1.2018 21:03

Allowing default file extension type control is way over due without ROOTing your phone I'll have to update the app.

230.1.2018 10:58

Android is such a garbage OS in every respect. Hoarding data is just the tip of the iceberg of ongoing problems in that environment.

Again...this is the main contributor to Android's unacceptable slowness over time.

Its insecurity is another story. UGH! Down with Android. Someone needs to invent another OS.

330.1.2018 21:42

Isn't that the truth, now that android and even worst Google on top of it is following the iModel of forced updates, slowing down phones, and bloating advert's it has gotten to be a horrible platform. Couldn't agree more!

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