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Google Home catching up to Echo, Apple far behind

Written by Matti Vähäkainu @ 16 Aug 2018 2:17

Google Home catching up to Echo, Apple far behind

Smart speakers are one of the most prominent technology trends over the past few years. After Amazon's original Echo, released in 2014, every major technology giant has joined in on the party and released their own voice assistant powered devices.
Now, most notably, we have the Amazon Echo, Google Home as well as Apple HomePod released earlier this year. But how do they compare when it comes to popularity?

Well, Amazon has been leading the pack with quite the margin until now. New 2018 Q2 figures from Strategy Analytics suggest that the lead is quickly narrowing.

Amazon still has the first place with a 41 percent market share but Google is on its heels with 27.6%. Only a year ago Amazon had still three quarters of the market to themselves.

Google has managed to more than quintuple the sales since last year's Q2. Apple hasn't yet made the mark they probably hoped for and still lack behind on the fourth place with a 5.9% marketshare behind the Chinese company Alibaba.

In total smart speaker sales volumes tripled from last years to 11.7 million units. Expect even bigger numbers in the future as the likes of Samsung get theirs on the market.

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