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New Tesla model completes S3XY: Here's Model Y

Written by Matti Robinson @ 15 Mar 2019 10:50

New Tesla model completes S3XY: Here's Model Y

Tesla has today announced their newest vehicle. The hotly anticipated Model Y is a crossover vehicle that fits right in between Model 3 and Model X.
Built largely on the same base as Model 3, it is a compact crossover/SUV which both looks similar to Model 3 and has the same kind of technology.

Model Y starts at $39,000, just above the $35K price tag of the smaller sibling. Long Range version will put you back $42,700 (RWD) or $46,700 (FWD). The Perfomance version is the most expensive at $55,700.

Standard Range model has a range of 230 miles, Long Range 280 miles (FWD) or 300 miles (AWD) and the Performance package limits the range back to 230 miles.

0-60 speeds range from Standard's 5.9 seconds down to Performance's 3.5 seconds.

Even though Model Y is fairly small, it can still transport up to seven people with optional row of seats like many modern SUVs.

Tesla will start selling Model Y in late 2020 with everything except the cheapest version. The Standard Range version will become available in fall 2021.

Read more about Model Y here.

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