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Why are teenager chatting on Google Docs?

Written by Matti Vähäkainu @ 15 Mar 2019 1:32

Why are teenager chatting on Google Docs? Teenagers, be it whichever generation, always find new ways to communicate to each other, often trying to stay hidden from the grown-ups.
Every time we think we've figured out what kids use to chat and share their literally premature ideas, they've moved onto something new. Apparently now it is Google Docs.

You might be thinking I've confused the service for another, but nay, the document editing software creates to compete with Microsoft Word, is the hottest tool for communication among the youth.

According to a report by The Atlantic, Google Docs, which offers a communication platform of sorts for shared documents, is the newest covert communication channel at school.

Kids can edit documents, I mean pretend to edit documents, all the while they indulge in the juiciest rumors making rounds in the school.

You can either join the live chat, or if you want to stay more covert, you leave coded messages between the lines of your fake document or add comments to specific parts of the text.

Best of all, you don't have to use your smartphone so taking them away doesn't deter you whether you are at school or at home. Obviously things like WhatsApp Web don't require your phone either, so taking away homes probably never really worked if you still had computers.

I think what we've learned here is that you simply can't stop young people from trying to communicate and socialize. If there's internet, there is communication.

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