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Netflix is trying out top 10 lists for recommendations

Written by Matti Robinson @ 17 Apr 2019 7:47

Netflix is trying out top 10 lists for recommendations

Netflix is fairly sneaky with different kinds of A/B testing, which we probably most of the time don't even notice. The company also can change features on a whim it seems, like it did with ratings.
Now the company is testing a feature to recommend content more efficiently. According to reports, Netflix is bringing top 10 lists to the service.

The Verge reports that Netflix is starting the test in the UK later this quarter. Each genre and category will get their own top 10, and the lists will be updated weekly.

This is one of the first ways we, the customers, get to see which shows and movies are really performing. Netflix hasn't previously shared much statistics at all, except for the odd mention of movies with 80 million viewers.

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has expressed that the test will be expanded, or ended, within a few months from the start. One can only hope for the former so we can see which Netflix Original shows take the crowns.

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