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HP believes to get proper VR experience, you'll need their VR backpack

Written by Matti Robinson @ 29 May 2019 2:31

HP believes to get proper VR experience, you'll need their VR backpack

Virtual Reality is an amazing experience everyone needs to try out. However, there are clear limitations to what can be achieved with the hardware we have available.
Either you'll need a separate computer or the quality will be reduced, and there's also problems with wires. HP belives that it's newest invention has both of these problems covered.

Say hello to the HP VR Backpack!

This is no joke. When Oculus comes up with new standalone headsets like the Oculus Quest, HP has decided to go the other route.

HP obviously doesn't want you to compromise when it comes to the fidelity of the experience, but you might have harder time moving with a full-blown PC on your back.

The backpack PC includes a 8th gen Core i7 processor, Nvidia's new GeForce RTX 2080 GPU as well as 16 GB of RAM and 256 GB SSD storage. There's also a large battery that means you won't need to be tethered to anything.

As it is just a regular PC inside the backpack, it supports all the traditional VR headsets that would be used with a PC. HP, however, would love if you would use their own Reverb headset.

Then we come to the price of this amazingly original innovation. To have your own VR backpack you'll have to shell out $3300. It's not exactly cheap, is it?

Perhaps it's not meant for your average VR consumer yet, but if you really want to take the highest definition VR to a hike, it is possible.

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