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Google gets rid of tasty treats, adopts new Android logo

Written by Matti Robinson @ 22 Aug 2019 3:50

Google gets rid of tasty treats, adopts new Android logo

Google's mobile operating system is more than a decade old, and throughout the years we've grown to know different versions by their sweet names.
Now 11 years after Android's premiere Google is changing gears. No longer will Android version be called by the name of a dessert starting with the corresponding letter.

Google has announced that Android 10 will be called, well, Android 10.

All the guessing for this years treat starting with the letter Q has been in vain, but there's a lot of reasons why it's a good change.

First of all, numbers are just simpler and easier to remember. Going through the letters I did remember all the versions but one for some reason Lollipop evaded me but there's no question that version numbers are just more convenient.

As boring as the numbers are, they are also easier to translate and you don't have to worry about issue with different languages and cultures. I'm sure nay, I hope froyo isn't a thing all around the globe.

Alongside the new version naming policy, Google announced the new logos for both Android 10 as well Android in general. Above you see the simplicity in the new naming scheme, and below you have the new face of Android.

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