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App Defense: Play Store apps to get further scanning for malware

Written by James Delahunty @ 11 Nov 2019 1:31

App Defense: Play Store apps to get further scanning for malware Google has partnered with several security firms in forming a group that aims to detect and prevent malware-laden apps from getting onto the Play Store.
There are currently more than 2.5 billion Android devices in the wild. Most get their apps from Google's Play Store. While Google does have systems in place to find malicious apps and prevent them from being published to the service, some do slip through the cracks from time to time.

In order to fight back, Google has announced the App Defense Alliance. Its members include ESET, Google, Lookout, and Zimperium. Google's Play Protect detection systems will be integrated with the partner's scanning engines.

Apps queued for publishing will face intense scrutiny from the technologies of each member of the alliance. Their systems use a combination of machine learning and static/dynamic analysis to detect abusive behavior. Google's position is that more eyes are better for detecting problems ahead of time.

For more info: App Defense Alliance

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