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Sharp, Lenovo to form TV partnership

Written by James Delahunty @ 16 Jan 2013 18:53

Sharp, Lenovo to form TV partnership Struggling Sharp discussing link-up with Lenovo.

Sharp Corp has been bleeding money in the flat-screen TV business for years now, along with many of its competitors. It is now reportedly planning to sell a subsidiary operating a LCD TV assembly plant in Nanjing, China, to Lenovo, and convert its other subsidiaries in China into 50% joint ventures.

The report came from Japanese daily, Nikkei, which also reported that Sharp is in talks to sell its Malaysian factory to Taiwanese firm Wistron Corp.

Sharp is expected to report a consolidated net loss of 450 billion yen for the year ending March 31.

AfterDawn: News

AMD claims former managers stole secrets, before joining Nvidia

Written by James Delahunty @ 16 Jan 2013 18:43

AMD claims former managers stole secrets, before joining Nvidia Over 150,000 documents allegedly involved.

AMD has filed a lawsuit against four former managers, alleging that they operated a spying ring within the company, before eventually jumping ship and joining major rivals Nvidia. The graphics chipmaker filed the lawsuit in a Massachusetts district court this week.

"This is an extraordinary case of trade secret transfer/misappropriation and strategic employee solicitation," the filing reads.

"Thousands of AMD document or electronic files have been taken from its facilities by employees leaving to work for a primary competitor in the graphics business Nvidia Corporation."

Specifically, AMD claims that former manager Robert Feldstein downloaded license agreements, strategic plans and his corporate Outlook e-mail files to external devices. Along with another colleague, Richard Hagen, Feldstein allegedly recruited two more AMD employees who were willing to participate.

Manoo Desal allegedly brought over a 200-file database of AMD's technological work and development from its Perforce file management system, and Nicolas Kociuk copied over 150,000 files within two weeks before he resigned at AMD.


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