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Audials Tunebite Free v8.0.54300.0

Vista / WinXP
Tunebite free can record any video from Youtube, Myspace, Facebook, Yahoo, Clipfish and Myvideo that you can watch in your web browser. The video clips can be converted on-the-fly to any video file format. Tunebite free is compatible with all web browser software. In addition to saving video clips, Tunebite free can convert the audio track of e.g. music videos to MP3 files. This gives you an unlimited source of free music ? just locate your song on Youtube or other portals, and with one click you have it as mp3 on your harddisk! Furthermore, Tunebite free has a high-quality audio converter. You can convert from and to any major audio file format, like MP3, OGG, WMA, WAV, FLAC. By creating your own custom file format profiles, you can control in details what audio format Tunebite creates for you. Tunebite free gives you the freedom to enjoy all your music on the go and on your mp3 player, iPhone, or mobile phone. It even contains a synchronization tool, and with one click all your music will be on any USB-compatible device.


Audials Tunebite Free v8.0.43301.100

tunebite free capture record convert video youtube

License type Freeware1
Author's homepage Visit the author's site
Date added 27 Aug 2014
Downloads 22,537
File size 73.33 MB (< 10min @ 1Mbps)
Operating systems Vista / WinXP1

1License and operating system information is based on latest version of the software.

27 Aug 2014Audials Tunebite Free v11.0.55900.0(Latest stable version)
19 Aug 2014Audials Tunebite Free v11.0.54200.0
03 Aug 2014Audials Tunebite Free v11.0.54400.0
03 May 2014Audials Tunebite Free v11.0.53800.0
28 Apr 2014Audials Tunebite Free v11.0.53300.0
04 Apr 2014Audials Tunebite Free v11.0.52900.0
24 Feb 2014Audials Tunebite Free v11.0.51800.0
30 Jan 2014Audials Tunebite Free v11.0.50800.0
18 Dec 2013Audials Tunebite Free v11.0.48200.0
05 Dec 2013Audials Tunebite Free v11.0.46200.0
28 Nov 2013Audials Tunebite Free v11.0.44800.0
15 Nov 2013Audials Tunebite Free v11.0.42406.600
09 Nov 2013Audials Tunebite Free v11.0.40905.500
31 Oct 2013Audials Tunebite Free v11.0.39404.400
29 Oct 2013Audials Tunebite Free v11.0.39402.200
14 Oct 2013Audials Tunebite Free v10.3.34300.0
02 Oct 2013Audials Tunebite Free v10.2.33407.700
27 Sep 2013Audials Tunebite Free v10.2.33406.600
27 Aug 2013Audials Tunebite Free v10.2.30900.0
04 Aug 2013Audials Tunebite Free v10.2.28800.0
24 May 2013Audials Tunebite Free v10.2.22605.500
23 May 2013Audials Tunebite Free v10.2.22604.400
22 May 2013Audials Tunebite Free v10.2.20812.1200
15 May 2013Audials Tunebite Free v10.2.20811.1100
09 May 2013Audials Tunebite Free v10.2.19305.500
09 Feb 2013Audials Tunebite Free v10.1.6207.700
06 Feb 2013Audials Tunebite Free v10.1.6202.200
19 Jan 2013Audials Tunebite Free v10.1.4600.0
20 Dec 2012Audials Tunebite Free v10.1.514.1400
16 Dec 2012Audials Tunebite Free v10.1.509.900
30 Nov 2012Audials Tunebite Free v10.0.50301.100
22 Nov 2012Audials Tunebite Free v10.0.49104.400
15 Nov 2012Audials Tunebite Free v10.0.47702.200
13 Nov 2012Audials Tunebite Free v10.0.46604.300
26 Oct 2012Audials Tunebite Free v10.0.43701.100
27 Aug 2012Audials Tunebite Free v9.1.31900.0
09 Aug 2012Audials Tunebite Free v9.1.31200.0
22 Jul 2012Audials Tunebite Free v9.1.29900.0
19 Jul 2012Audials Tunebite Free v9.1.28500.0
30 May 2012Audials Tunebite Free v9.1.23700.0
20 May 2012Audials Tunebite Free v9.1.22501.100
30 Apr 2012Audials Tunebite Free v9.1.18203.300
04 Apr 2012Audials Tunebite Free v9.1.16000.0
21 Mar 2012Audials Tunebite Free v9.1.13600.0
18 Mar 2012Audials Tunebite Free v9.1.12800.0
15 Mar 2012Audials Tunebite Free v9.1.11700.0
05 Mar 2012Audials Tunebite Free v9.1.9300.0
08 Jan 2012Audials Tunebite Free v9.0.57913.1300
30 Dec 2011Audials Tunebite Free v9.0.57911.1100
22 Dec 2011Audials Tunebite Free v9.0.57909.900
16 Dec 2011Audials Tunebite Free v9.0.57903.300
12 Dec 2011Audials Tunebite Free v9.0.56406.600
09 Dec 2011Audials Tunebite Free v9.0.56405.500
02 Dec 2011Audials Tunebite Free v9.0.55304.400
20 Nov 2011Audials Tunebite Free v9.0.53502.200
10 Nov 2011Audials Tunebite Free v9.0.52604.400
05 Nov 2011Audials Tunebite Free v9.0.51207.700
12 Sep 2011Audials Tunebite Free v8.0.54900.0
02 Sep 2011Audials Tunebite Free v8.0.54800.0
28 Jul 2011Audials Tunebite Free v8.0.54300.0
21 Jul 2011Audials Tunebite Free v8.0.54100.0
05 Jul 2011Audials Tunebite Free v8.0.53300.0
27 Jun 2011Audials Tunebite Free v8.0.53000.0
19 May 2011Audials Tunebite Free v8.0.49702.200
04 Apr 2011Audials Tunebite Free v8.0.46302.200
21 Mar 2011Audials Tunebite Free v8.0.43807.700
03 Mar 2011Audials Tunebite Free v8.0.43301.100
21 Feb 2011Audials Tunebite Free v8.0.42101.100
14 Feb 2011Audials Tunebite Free v8.0.40602.200
01 Feb 2011Audials Tunebite Free v8.0.38803.300
20 Jan 2011Audials Tunebite Free v8.0.37301.100
18 Nov 2010Audials Tunebite Free v8.0.28914.1400
15 Nov 2010Audials Tunebite Free v8.0.26909.900
13 Sep 2010Audials Tunebite Free v7.2.13600.0
11 Aug 2010Audials Tunebite Free v7.2.13200.0
19 Jun 2010Audials Tunebite Free v7.2.11200.0
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