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Media players

Media players are tools that can play, well, media. To put it simple, media players usually either focus on doing one thing very well -- dedicated MP3 players, for example -- or focus on being "media players that play pretty much everything". From this section, you can download both types, albeit "players that play music _and_ video" are nowadays the most popular ones.

It should be noted that, specifically with video players, the player itself rarely does the actual "playing" (i.e. decompressing) of the video, but instead, acts as a graphical user interface and lets a dedicated piece of software, called codec, to do the heavy lifting. Thus, typically there are no video output quality differences between different video players, as the quality itself depends on codec in use, not the player. As a notable exception to this rule, we must mention VLC that comes bundled with most common codecs and therefor relies on its "own" codecs rather than those installed to your PC.

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JamApp v1.0

JamApp is an audio player that is designed with musicians in mind, as it can aid with learning songs.

Date updated:10/23/2014 Downloads:169 Filesize:5.74 MB
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Free WMV Player v1.0.0

Free WMV Player is a simple video player that supports Windows Media Video (WMV) files.

Date updated:12/11/2013 Downloads:169 Filesize:28.62 MB
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MoreAmp is a audio player that supports a range of formats, and also a transcoder and CD ripper.

Date updated:09/17/2014 Downloads:168 Filesize:2.16 MB
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M4V Player v1.0

M4V Player is a free useful video player that support M4V file playback for Windows.

Date updated:12/01/2014 Downloads:167 Filesize:4.12 MB
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Amazon Music v3.0.0.564.3.0.0

Amazon Music is a media player that can play local files, or files from the Amazon cloud.

Date updated:06/17/2014 Downloads:167 Filesize:36.75 MB
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Apprentice Video rev 588

Apprentice Video is a media player that displays videos, plays music and shows pictures.

Date updated:10/22/2014 Downloads:166 Filesize:12.71 MB
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Tuniac (64-bit) v190118

Tuniac (64-bit) is an iTunes style media player/manager for Windows.

Date updated:02/04/2019 Downloads:162 Filesize:4.10 MB

EDM2014 Video v3.0

EDM2014 Video is a stand-alone video playback application.

Date updated:03/05/2014 Downloads:162 Filesize:10.56 MB
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urMusik is a neat free, open source audio player that supports most common formats.

Date updated:08/27/2014 Downloads:158 Filesize:3.84 MB
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Butterfly v1.1

Butterfly is an open source music player that supports most common audio formats such as MP3, OGG Vorbis, AC3, FLAC, WAV and more.

Date updated:12/03/2014 Downloads:157 Filesize:1.93 MB
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