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KMPlayer v4.2.2.32

Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP
The KMPlayer is a versatile media player which can cover various types of container format such as VCD, DVD, AVI, MKV, Ogg Theora, OGM, 3GP, MPEG-1/2/4, WMV, RealMedia, and QuickTime among others.

Software handles a wide range of subtitles and allows you to capture audio, video, and screenshots in many ways.

The player provides both internal and external filters with a fully controlled environment in terms of connections to other splitters, decoders, audio/video transform filters and renderers without grappling with the DirectShow merit system. Internal filters are not registered to user's system to keep it from being messed up with system filters.

The KMPlayer includes almost all the essential decoders required for media playback. Furthermore, to get beyond the limitation of internal decoders, the external ones such as commercial h.264 decoders or cyberlink/intervideo audio decoders can be specified, so that KMP works optimally by the users' own customization. Even though the KMP is based upon directshow structure, it supports Winamp, Realmedia and Quicktime by the internal logic. Thus, it is possible to specify where to try to connect firstly the media in preferences.

In short, the player provides a strong hybrid structure efficient for interconnecting various directshow filters, winamp input&dsp plugin, and internal filters. The most outstanding feature is that the player has the full control of filter connections to prevent a media playback from being messed.

The player can set multifarious audio and video effects, slow down or increase playback speed with regular tone, select parts of a video as favorites, do an exceptionally powerful A-B repeat, remap the keys of remote interface for HTPC including overlay screen controls, change a skin dynamically depending on a media type playing, and many more. It is completely customizable thanks to a wide selection of skins and color schemes, and the configuration options are extremely extensive.
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KMPlayer v4.2.2.32Filesize: 47.19 MB


KMPlayer v3.5.0.77 KMPlayer v3.5.0.77 KMPlayer v3.5.0.77 KMPlayer v2.9.3.1432 Beta

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kmplayer video player vcd dvd avi mkv

License type Ad-supported1
Author's homepage Visit the author's site
Date added 17 Oct 2019
Downloads 968,928
File size 47.19 MB (< 7min @ 1Mbps)
Supported languages English   Finnish   Swedish   Dutch  
Operating systems Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP1

1License and operating system information is based on latest version of the software.

KMPlayer v4.2.2.32(Latest stable version) 17 Oct 2019
KMPlayer v4.2.2.29 28 Aug 2019
KMPlayer v4.2.2.24 02 Apr 2019
KMPlayer v4.2.2.23 13 Mar 2019
KMPlayer v4.2.2.6 25 Jan 2019
KMPlayer v4.2.2.13 04 Jul 2018
KMPlayer v4.2.2.12 07 Jun 2018
KMPlayer v4.2.2.10 10 May 2018
KMPlayer v4.2.2.8 06 Mar 2018
KMPlayer v4.2.2.3 30 Sep 2017
KMPlayer v4.2.2.2 15 Sep 2017
KMPlayer v4.2.1.4 04 Jul 2017
KMPlayer v4.2.1.2 19 May 2017
KMPlayer v4.1.5.8 06 Jan 2017
KMPlayer v4.1.5.3 17 Dec 2016
KMPlayer v4.1.3.3 24 Sep 2016
KMPlayer v4.1.2.2 23 Aug 2016
KMPlayer v4.1.1.5 23 Aug 2016
KMPlayer v4.1.0.3 23 Jun 2016
KMPlayer v4.0.8.1 22 Jun 2016
KMPlayer v4.0.6.4 25 Mar 2016
KMPlayer v4.0.4.6 23 Jan 2016
KMPlayer v4.0.3.1 22 Dec 2015
KMPlayer v4.0.0.0 03 Sep 2015
KMPlayer v3.9.1.136 27 May 2015
KMPlayer v3.9.1.135 01 Apr 2015
KMPlayer v3.9.1.134 05 Mar 2015
KMPlayer v3.9.1.131 19 Dec 2014
KMPlayer v3.9.0.127 28 Aug 2014
KMPlayer v3.9.0.126 04 Aug 2014
KMPlayer v3.9.0.125 03 Jul 2014
KMPlayer v3.9.0.124 14 May 2014
KMPlayer v3.8.0.123 25 Apr 2014
KMPlayer v3.8.0.122 03 Apr 2014
KMPlayer v3.8.0.121 17 Mar 2014
KMPlayer v3.8.0.120 15 Feb 2014
KMPlayer v3.8.0.119 Beta 5 05 Feb 2014
KMPlayer v3.8.0.119 28 Jan 2014
KMPlayer v3.8.0.118 17 Jan 2014
KMPlayer v3.8.0.117 08 Jan 2014
KMPlayer v3.7.0.113 22 Oct 2013
KMPlayer v3.7.0.109 16 Sep 2013
KMPlayer v3.7.0.107 11 Sep 2013
KMPlayer v3.7.0.106 10 Sep 2013
KMPlayer v3.6.0.87 17 Apr 2013
KMPlayer v3.6.0.85 12 Apr 2013
KMPlayer v3.5.0.81 08 Mar 2013
KMPlayer v3.5.0.77 23 Jan 2013
KMPlayer v3.4.59 10 Nov 2012
KMPlayer v3.4.0.56 08 Nov 2012
KMPlayer v3.3.0.33 19 Jul 2012
KMPlayer v3.3.0.30 06 Jul 2012
KMPlayer v3.3.0.28 Beta 02 Jul 2012
KMPlayer v3.2.0.12 19 Mar 2012
KMPlayer v3.1.0.0 R2 13 Jan 2012
KMPlayer v3.1.0.0 09 Dec 2011
KMPlayer v3.0.0.1442 22 Sep 2011
KMPlayer v3.0.0.1441 21 Jun 2011
KMPlayer v3.0.0.1440 22 Apr 2011
KMPlayer v3.0.0.1439 09 Nov 2010
KMPlayer v3.0.0.1438 16 Sep 2010
KMPlayer v2.9.4.1437 02 Jun 2010
KMPlayer v2.9.4.1436 Beta 1 01 Oct 2009
KMPlayer v2.9.4.1435 14 Sep 2009
KMPlayer v2.9.4.1434 Beta 22 Dec 2008
KMPlayer v2.9.3.1433 15 Oct 2008
KMPlayer v2.9.3.1432 R2 Beta 04 Sep 2008
KMPlayer v2.9.3.1432 Beta 15 Jul 2008
KMPlayer v2.9.3.1431 Beta 08 May 2008
KMPlayer v2.9.3.1430 Beta 04 Mar 2008
KMPlayer v2.9.3.1428 16 Dec 2007
KMPlayer v2.9.3.1427 Beta 10 Dec 2007
KMPlayer v2.9.3.1421 Beta 03 Dec 2007
KMPlayer v2.9.3.1417 Beta 25 Nov 2007
KMPlayer v2.9.3.1413 Beta 18 Nov 2007
KMPlayer v2.9.3.1408 Beta 13 Nov 2007
KMPlayer v2.9.3.1405 Beta 11 Nov 2007
KMPlayer v2.9.3.1402 Beta 05 Nov 2007
KMPlayer v2.9.3.1396 Beta 31 Oct 2007
KMPlayer v2.9.3.1393 Beta 30 Oct 2007
KMPlayer v2.9.3.1389 Beta 21 Oct 2007
KMPlayer v2.9.3.1382/1383 Beta 08 Oct 2007
KMPlayer v2.9.3.1378 Beta 01 Oct 2007
KMPlayer v2.9.3.1375/1376 Beta 23 Sep 2007
KMPlayer v2.9.3.1373/1374 Beta 17 Sep 2007
KMPlayer v2.9.3.1368/1369 Beta 09 Sep 2007
KMPlayer v2.9.3.1364/1365 Beta 07 Sep 2007
KMPlayer v2.9.3.1362/1363 Beta 03 Sep 2007
KMPlayer v2.9.3.1358/1359 Beta 26 Aug 2007
KMPlayer v2.9.3.1353/1354 Beta 20 Aug 2007
KMPlayer v2.9.3.1350/1351 Beta 13 Aug 2007
KMPlayer v2.9.3.1345/1346 Beta 06 Aug 2007
KMPlayer v2.9.3.1339 Beta 30 Jul 2007
KMPlayer v2.9.3.1333/1334 Beta 23 Jul 2007
KMPlayer v2.9.3.1324/1325 Beta 15 Jul 2007
KMPlayer v2.9.3.1320/1321 Beta 09 Jul 2007
KMPlayer v2.9.3.1315 Beta 26 Jun 2007
KMPlayer v2.9.3.1308/1309 Beta 17 Jun 2007
KMPlayer v2.9.3.1304/1305 Beta 11 Jun 2007
KMPlayer v2.9.3.1299 Beta 04 Jun 2007
KMPlayer v2.9.3.1291 02 Jun 2007
KMPlayer v2.9.3.1288 Beta 22 May 2007
KMPlayer v2.9.3.1284 Beta 14 May 2007
KMPlayer v2.9.3.1279 Beta 06 May 2007
KMPlayer v2.9.3.1275 Beta 30 Apr 2007
KMPlayer v2.9.3.1214 14 May 2007
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The KMPlayer v3.9.1.131

Im listed as a Newbie?! Ive been a member for years and have a a lot of experience and knowledge of working with digital media. Labels!

The KMPlayer v3.9.1.131

KMPlayer was once a very good media player but it has become one of the worst players. The decline started with the annoying popup ads, online services and other various so called features. I can see why stay1s antivirus detected it as a threat, it is bloated with adware and more.
I am trying to find the older version I once used that worked great, but I have been searching for a while with no luck.
I now use VLC which is the best player that I know of. I just wish it had an easier to operate menu but for all that it can do it makes that trivial.
For now I strongly recommend that you avoid The KMPlayer until they get a version that actually works without adware.

Unverified new user
The KMPlayer v3.6.0.87

Number one.I love KM player...

19 Apr 2013
The KMPlayer v3.5.0.77

this version did not update or replace previous version after install it did not even work and had multiple entries in add remove, had to remove them all clean up registry and re install to get it to work. i like this program but with each new version it seems to be less and less a well written or stable program.

The KMPlayer v3.4.59

someone told me that it will spread mallware thru pandora service