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Comskip v0.82.003

Vista / Win10 / Win2k / WinME / WinNT / WinXP
Comskip is a free MPEG commercial detector.

It is a Windows console application that reads a MPEG file and analyses the content based on a large amount of configurable parameters. After analysis it generates a file in various possible formats containing the location of the commercials inside the MPEG file. The formats include input files for interactive video editors (VideoRedo, Cuttermaran,Mpeg2Schnitt, etc.) command line video cutters (mpgtx, cuttermaran, mencoder) and video players (zoomplayer, mplayer, etc). Comskip can read MPEG PS files upto HD resolution (max 2000x1200) at 25fps (PAL) and 29.97fps (NTSC).


Comskip v0.79.141 Experimental Comskip v0.79.141 Experimental

comskip mpeg commercial detector pal fps ntsc

License type Freeware1
Author's homepage Visit the author's site
Date added 30 Sep 2017
Downloads 6,306
File size 12.28 MB (< 2min @ 1Mbps)
Supported languages English
Operating systems Vista / Win10 / Win2k / WinME / WinNT / WinXP1

1License and operating system information is based on latest version of the software.

30 Sep 2017Comskip v0.82.003(Latest stable version)
19 Aug 2017Comskip v0.82.002
12 Aug 2017Comskip v0.82.001
07 Aug 2017Comskip v0.81.099
08 Jun 2017Comskip v0.81.098
28 Apr 2017Comskip v0.81.097
27 Apr 2017Comskip v0.81.096
25 Apr 2017Comskip v0.81.095
17 Feb 2017Comskip v0.81.093
13 Mar 2016Comskip v0.81.092
20 Feb 2016Comskip v0.81.091
30 Jan 2016Comskip v0.81.090
09 Nov 2015Comskip v0.81.089
13 Sep 2015Comskip v0.81.088
31 Aug 2015Comskip v0.81.087
27 Aug 2015Comskip v0.81.085
21 Aug 2015Comskip v0.81.084
17 Aug 2015Comskip v0.81.083
31 May 2015Comskip v0.81.078
24 May 2015Comskip v0.81.077
03 May 2015Comskip v0.81.076
29 Apr 2015Comskip v0.81.075
21 Apr 2015Comskip v0.81.073
14 Apr 2015Comskip v0.81.072
07 Mar 2015Comskip v0.81.071
23 Feb 2015Comskip v0.81.070
25 Oct 2014Comskip v0.81.069
18 Oct 2014Comskip v0.81.068
13 Oct 2014Comskip v0.81.065
10 Aug 2014Comskip v0.81.064
24 May 2014Comskip v0.81.063
26 Mar 2014Comskip v0.81.061
13 Mar 2014Comskip v0.81.060
11 Feb 2014Comskip v0.81.059
31 Dec 2013Comskip v0.81.058
22 Dec 2013Comskip v0.81.057
18 Jul 2013Comskip v0.81.056
14 Jul 2013Comskip v0.81.055
14 Jan 2013Comskip v0.81.053
30 Dec 2012Comskip v0.81.052
19 Dec 2012Comskip v0.81.051
19 Nov 2012Comskip v0.81.050
08 Nov 2012Comskip v0.81.049
24 Sep 2012Comskip v0.81.048
21 Sep 2012Comskip v0.81.045
01 Aug 2012Comskip v0.81.043
28 Jul 2012Comskip v0.81.042
22 Jul 2012Comskip v0.81.40
22 Jul 2012Comskip v0.81.039
15 Mar 2011Comskip v0.80.042
17 Feb 2011Comskip v0.80.041
14 Feb 2011Comskip v0.80.040
12 Dec 2010Comskip v0.80.039
06 Nov 2010Comskip v0.80.038
01 Nov 2010Comskip v0.80.037
18 Oct 2010Comskip v0.80.036
08 Oct 2010Comskip v0.80.035
30 Sep 2010Comskip v0.80.034
19 Sep 2010Comskip v0.80.033
15 Aug 2010Comskip v0.80.32
31 Jan 2010Comskip v0.80.031
03 Jan 2010Comskip v0.80.030
01 Jan 2010Comskip v0.80.029
30 Dec 2009Comskip v0.80.028
15 Nov 2009Comskip v0.80.027
18 Oct 2009Comskip v0.80.026
25 Aug 2009Comskip v0.80.025
05 Apr 2009Comskip v0.80.023
22 Mar 2009Comskip v0.80.021
05 Mar 2009Comskip v0.80.019
01 Mar 2009Comskip v0.80.018
24 Feb 2009Comskip v0.80.016
20 Feb 2009Comskip v0.80.015
14 Feb 2009Comskip v0.80.014
12 Feb 2009Comskip v0.80.013
10 Feb 2009Comskip v0.80.012
03 Feb 2009Comskip v0.80.009
08 Dec 2008Comskip v0.80.007
12 Jul 2008Comskip v0.79.143 Experimental
06 Jul 2008Comskip v0.79.142 Experimental
01 Jul 2008Comskip v0.79.141 Experimental
17 Jun 2008Comskip v0.79.140 Experimental
09 Jun 2008Comskip v0.79.139 Experimental
03 Jun 2008Comskip v0.79.138 Experimental
19 May 2008Comskip v0.79.137 Experimental
12 May 2008Comskip v0.79.136
09 May 2008Comskip v0.79.135 Experimental
08 May 2008Comskip v0.79.134 Experimental
06 May 2008Comskip v0.79.133
24 Apr 2008Comskip v0.79.132
23 Apr 2008Comskip v0.79.131
20 Apr 2008Comskip v0.79.130
18 Apr 2008Comskip v0.79.129
25 Mar 2008Comskip v0.79.126
23 Mar 2008Comskip v0.79.125
21 Mar 2008Comskip v0.79.124
19 Mar 2008Comskip v0.79.123
10 Mar 2008Comskip v0.79.121
06 Mar 2008Comskip v0.79.120
29 Feb 2008Comskip v0.79.119
24 Feb 2008Comskip v0.79.118
17 Feb 2008Comskip v0.79.117
08 Feb 2008Comskip v0.79.114
16 Dec 2007Comskip v0.79.113
03 Dec 2007Comskip v0.79.112
27 Oct 2007Comskip v0.79.111
26 Oct 2007Comskip v0.79.110
24 Oct 2007Comskip v0.79.109
23 Oct 2007Comskip v0.79.108
16 Oct 2007Comskip v0.79.107
10 Oct 2007Comskip v0.79.105
08 Oct 2007Comskip v0.79.104
03 Oct 2007Comskip v0.79.103
02 Oct 2007Comskip v0.79.102
01 Oct 2007Comskip v0.79.101
12 Sep 2007Comskip v0.79.100
21 Aug 2007Comskip v0.79.99
12 Jun 2007Comskip v0.79.98
31 May 2007Comskip v0.79.97
30 Apr 2007Comskip v0.79.95
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Comskip v0.80.036

It helps if you read the instructions on how to use it,they are included in the folder after you unzip

Comskip v0.79.95

thats not right well I downloaded it and tried too try it but couldn't I don't think this program is complete. <br/> <br/>Wouldn't even start doesn't have a install program and I think its based in ms-dos. <br/> <br/>That's the retarded point i am talking about.

Comskip v0.79.95

thats not right well I downloaded it and tried too try it but couldn't I don't think this program is complete. <br/> <br/>Wouldn't even start doesn't have a install program and I think its based in ms-dos. <br/> <br/>That's the retarded point i am talking about.

Comskip v0.79.95