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CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.5.8.6795

Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win8
CDBurnerXP is a free application to burn CDs and DVDs, including Blu-Ray and HD-DVDs. It also includes the feature to burn and create ISOs, as well as a multilanguage interface. Everyone, even companies, can use it for free. It does not include adware or similar malicious components.

Key Features
  • burn all kinds of discs
  • audio-CDs with or without gaps between tracks
  • burn and create ISO files
  • data verification after burning process
  • create bootable discs
  • multi-language interface
  • bin/nrg -> ISO converter, simple cover printing and much more!

This is the 64-bit portable edition of CDBurnerXP, which requires a 64-bit windows operating system and can be run from a USB thumb drive. If you are unsure which edition to download, choose the 32-bit edition.


CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.3.0.2054 CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.3.0.2054 CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.3.0.2054 CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.3.0.2054 CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.3.0.2054

cdburnerxp burn write cd dvd blu-ray hd-dvd

License type Freeware1
Author's homepage Visit the author's site
Date added 20 Nov 2019
Downloads 9,060
File size 6.34 MB (<1min @ 1Mbps)
Supported languages English,  Finnish,  Swedish,  Norwegian,  Spanish,  Dutch,  Danish
Operating systems Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win81

1License and operating system information is based on latest version of the software.

20 Nov 2019CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.5.8.7128(Latest stable version)
25 Mar 2019CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.5.8.7042
24 Oct 2018CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.5.8.7041
24 Sep 2018CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.5.8.7035
07 Nov 2017CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.5.8.6795
07 May 2017CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.5.7.6623
11 Apr 2017CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.5.7.6593 Beta
05 Feb 2017CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.5.7.6521
08 Jan 2017CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.5.7.6499
27 Nov 2016CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.5.7.6452
30 Oct 2016CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.5.7.6389
10 Sep 2016CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.5.7.6321
31 Jul 2016CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.5.7.6282
19 Jun 2016CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.5.7.6229
17 May 2016CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.5.7.6139
30 Mar 2016CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.5.6.6059
10 Nov 2015CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.5.6.5931
22 Aug 2015CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.5.6.5844
31 Jul 2015CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.5.5.5790
20 Jun 2015CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.5.5.5666
31 May 2015CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.5.5.5642
24 Apr 2015CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.5.5.5571
22 Dec 2014CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.5.4.5306
20 Oct 2014CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.5.4.5143
06 Oct 2014CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.5.4.5118
15 Sep 2014CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.5.4.5067
08 Aug 2014CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.5.4.5000
19 Jul 2014CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.5.4.4954
30 May 2014CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.5.4.4852
22 Apr 2014CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.5.3.4746
10 Mar 2014CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.5.3.4643
15 Dec 2013CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.5.2.4478
14 Sep 2013CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.5.2.4291
01 Sep 2013CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.5.2.4255
15 Jul 2013CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.5.2.4214
23 Apr 2013CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.5.1.4003
23 Feb 2013CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.5.1.3868
28 Dec 2012CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.5.0.3717
16 Dec 2012CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.5.0.3685
16 Dec 2012CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.5.0.3681
09 Dec 2012CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.5.0.3661
09 Nov 2012CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.5.0.3557 beta
22 Sep 2012CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.4.2.3442
03 Aug 2012CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.4.1.3341
19 Jul 2012CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.4.1.3243
10 Jun 2012CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.4.1.3184
02 May 2012CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.4.1.3099
04 Apr 2012CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.4.0.3018
02 Mar 2012CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.4.0.2971
29 Feb 2012CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.4.0.2968
09 Jan 2012CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.4.0.2905
03 Dec 2011CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.4.0.2838
21 Nov 2011CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.3.9.2809
08 Nov 2011CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.3.9.2783
01 Nov 2011CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.3.9.2762
31 Oct 2011CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.3.9.2761
12 Aug 2011CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.3.8.2631
22 May 2011CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.3.8.2568
15 May 2011CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.3.8.2560
04 Mar 2011CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.3.8.2523
01 Mar 2011CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.3.8.2521
24 Feb 2011CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.3.8.2513
25 Nov 2010CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.3.8.2474
03 Oct 2010CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.3.7.2423
30 Sep 2010CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.3.7.2420
15 Aug 2010CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.3.7.2356
04 Aug 2010CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.3.7.2316
12 Jul 2010CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.3.5.2256
13 Jun 2010CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.3.2.2212
02 May 2010CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.3.2.2140
26 Apr 2010CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.3.1.2101
14 Apr 2010CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.3.0.2064
12 Apr 2010CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit) v4.3.0.2054
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