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FinalBurner Free v2.3.0.135

Win2k / WinXP
FinalBurner is a freeware alternative to expensive CD and DVD burners. This application enables you to create data, audio, DVD disks and burn them onto any type of media, such as CD R/RW, DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD DL. You can also create an ISO image of a disk. FinalBurner combines all the elements of a professional CD recorder, delivered with a convenient user interface that pleases the eye.


FinalBurner Free v2.1.0.130 FinalBurner Free v2.1.0.130 FinalBurner Free v2.1.0.130 FinalBurner Free v2.1.0.130 FinalBurner Free v2.1.0.130

finalburner burn cd cd-rom dvd-rom cd-r cd-rw

License type Freeware1
Author's homepage Visit the author's site
Date added 23 Oct 2010
Downloads 62,034
File size 9.61 MB (< 2min @ 1Mbps)
Operating systems Win2k / WinXP1

1License and operating system information is based on latest version of the software.

23 Oct 2010FinalBurner Free v2.24.0.195(Latest stable version)
01 Aug 2010FinalBurner Free v2.23.0.193
28 Jun 2010FinalBurner Free v2.22.0.191
19 May 2010FinalBurner Free v2.21.0.188
21 Apr 2010FinalBurner Free v2.20.0.187
02 Apr 2010FinalBurner Free v2.19.0.223
22 Mar 2010FinalBurner Free v2.19.0.183
19 Feb 2010FinalBurner Free v2.18.0.181
16 Jan 2010FinalBurner Free v2.17.0.180
12 Dec 2009FinalBurner Free v2.16.0.176
21 Nov 2009FinalBurner Free v2.15.0.171
16 Aug 2009FinalBurner Free v2.13.0.164
27 Jul 2009FinalBurner Free v2.13.0.162
12 Jun 2009FinalBurner Free v2.12.0.158
26 Apr 2009FinalBurner Free v2.11.0.156
24 Mar 2009FinalBurner Free v2.10.0.153
24 Feb 2009FinalBurner Free v2.9.0.151
27 Jan 2009FinalBurner Free v2.8.0.148
22 Dec 2008FinalBurner Free v2.7.0.144
11 Nov 2008FinalBurner Free v2.6.0.142
10 Oct 2008FinalBurner Free v2.5.0.139
05 Oct 2008FinalBurner Free v2.4.0.137
12 Sep 2008FinalBurner Free v2.3.0.135
12 Aug 2008FinalBurner Free v2.2.0.132
15 Jul 2008FinalBurner Free v2.1.0.130
24 Apr 2008FinalBurner Free v1.30.0.127
10 Mar 2008FinalBurner Free v1.29.0.125
05 Feb 2008FinalBurner Free v1.28.0.123
02 Feb 2008FinalBurner Free v1.27.0.121
21 Jan 2008FinalBurner Free v1.27.0.120
21 Dec 2007FinalBurner Free v1.26.0.119
03 Dec 2007FinalBurner Free v1.25.0.140
13 Nov 2007FinalBurner Free v1.24.0.115
21 Oct 2007FinalBurner Free v1.23.0.113
05 Oct 2007FinalBurner Free v1.22.0.111
18 Sep 2007FinalBurner Free v1.21.0.110
26 Aug 2007FinalBurner Free v1.20.0.107
14 Aug 2007FinalBurner Free v1.19.0.102
30 Jul 2007FinalBurner Free v1.18.0.101
18 Jun 2007FinalBurner Free v1.17.0.93
10 May 2007FinalBurner Free v1.16.0.90
18 Apr 2007FinalBurner Free v1.15.0.89
21 Mar 2007FinalBurner Free v1.14.0.87
05 Mar 2007FinalBurner Free v1.13.0.85
18 Feb 2007FinalBurner Free v1.12.0.84
09 Feb 2007FinalBurner Free v1.11.0.80
12 Jan 2007FinalBurner Free v1.10.0.73
11 Jan 2007FinalBurner Free v1.9.0.72
29 Dec 2006FinalBurner Free v1.9.0.71
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FinalBurner Free v2.22.0.191

I tried this item and thought that it was ok but wanted more, so I purchased the Video DVD Maker Pro from the same company, big mistake, when I first tried to use it, it transcoded for over 5hrs, so I shut it down uninstalled it and reinstalled it this time it wouldnt do the job said that there wasnt enough disc space, and this morning it wouldnt open at all as it couldnt find it, I am now executing a case through PayPal for a full refund and have ininstalled this item, I tried to get help from their web site I filled in the form and clicked send but it came up with access denied, so what is the point of programme that you cant use and cant get any help with.

FinalBurner Free v2.1.0.130

I must be a mo-mo. I went ahead and got the pro version for two reasons i wanted to be able to burn in an svcd format and because of the glowing reviews. Well I don't understand how this software works. Where do the encoded avi files go? Where do you set the directory you want files to go to go (temp folder in windows or the location where the original files goes)? I find it really lacking in control. The transcoding goes and goes and goes without letting you know how much time is left. The manual really 'bites'.. excuse my language. I was looking for an alternative to Nero because Nero has gotten so top heaven with extra crap I don't need and the older version are not compatible with Vista. I will continue to work with it until I just get totally fed up. I am going to the guides pages here to see if I can get my answers answered of which the manual is supposed to. Thx.

FinalBurner Free v1.30.0.127

I love this program. I use it almost everyday, after I switched from Nero. Nero is just a big bulky program that my 4 year old computer should not have to put up with. Final burner is a nice lightweight program that does most of what Nero did, at least everything I used it for. Here's a huge plus, it's free. Yea there is a full/pro version but unless you need it or feel like supporting the authors then the free version works great.

FinalBurner Free v1.19.0.102

Great burning software! And it's 100% FREE! Will burn data CD/DVD, audio, movies, .ISO images, converts AVI to DVD (a bit slow, but it works, it's easy, and it's free). Good overall burning app.... 4 out of 5.

FinalBurner Free v1.19.0.102

Found nowhere to booktype Dvd+R media to Dvd-Rom. Will not waste a Dvd+R DL to see if it does that media. Drive used LH-20A1S 9L08 FB.