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Auto Hide IP v5.3.9.8

Vista / Win2k / Win7 / WinXP
Auto Hide IP allows you to hide your real IP to protect your privacy automatically on the Internet. Auto Hide IP enables you to surf anonymously and automatically change your IP address every few minutes. With it, you are able to conceal your identity online by showing them a fake IP, preventing identity theft and hacker intrusions, all with the click of a button. You can also select fake IP from different countries via Choose IP Country option and can Check IP directly.


Auto Hide IP v5.4.5.2 Auto Hide IP v5.4.5.2 Auto Hide IP v5.1.4.6

auto hide ip ip-address select show anonymous

License type Shareware1
Author's homepage Visit the author's site
Date added 19 Aug 2014
Downloads 63,258
File size 2.71 MB (<1min @ 1Mbps)
Operating systems Vista / Win2k / Win7 / WinXP1

1License and operating system information is based on latest version of the software.

19 Aug 2014Auto Hide IP v5.4.5.2(Latest stable version)
03 Aug 2014Auto Hide IP v5.4.4.8
03 May 2014Auto Hide IP v5.4.2.8
24 Apr 2014Auto Hide IP v5.4.2.6
02 Apr 2014Auto Hide IP v5.4.1.8
17 Mar 2014Auto Hide IP v5.4.1.6
05 Mar 2014Auto Hide IP v5.4.1.2
24 Feb 2014Auto Hide IP v5.4.0.8
29 Jan 2014Auto Hide IP v5.4.0.6
14 Jan 2014Auto Hide IP v5.4.0.2
02 Jan 2014Auto Hide IP v5.3.9.8
13 Dec 2013Auto Hide IP v5.3.9.6
28 Nov 2013Auto Hide IP v5.3.9.2
13 Nov 2013Auto Hide IP v5.3.8.8
29 Oct 2013Auto Hide IP v5.3.8.6
14 Oct 2013Auto Hide IP v5.3.8.2
27 Sep 2013Auto Hide IP v5.3.7.8
12 Sep 2013Auto Hide IP v5.3.7.6
28 Aug 2013Auto Hide IP v5.3.7.2
18 Aug 2013Auto Hide IP v5.3.6.8
04 Aug 2013Auto Hide IP v5.3.6.6
09 May 2013Auto Hide IP v5.3.4.8
04 May 2013Auto Hide IP v5.3.4.2
11 Apr 2013Auto Hide IP v5.3.3.8
27 Mar 2013Auto Hide IP v5.3.3.6
12 Mar 2013Auto Hide IP v5.3.3.2
05 Mar 2013Auto Hide IP v5.3.2.8
08 Feb 2013Auto Hide IP v5.3.2.6
01 Feb 2013Auto Hide IP v5.3.1.6
09 Jan 2013Auto Hide IP v5.3.1.2
28 Dec 2012Auto Hide IP v5.3.0.8
11 Dec 2012Auto Hide IP v5.3.0.6
25 Nov 2012Auto Hide IP v5.3.0.2
13 Nov 2012Auto Hide IP v5.2.9.8
25 Oct 2012Auto Hide IP v5.2.9.6
10 Oct 2012Auto Hide IP v5.2.9.2
26 Sep 2012Auto Hide IP v5.2.8.8
12 Sep 2012Auto Hide IP v5.2.8.6
26 Aug 2012Auto Hide IP v5.2.8.2
09 Aug 2012Auto Hide IP v5.2.7.8
24 Jul 2012Auto Hide IP v5.2.7.6
19 Jul 2012Auto Hide IP v5.2.7.2
23 Jun 2012Auto Hide IP v5.2.6.8
12 Jun 2012Auto Hide IP v5.2.6.6
21 May 2012Auto Hide IP v5.2.6.2
09 May 2012Auto Hide IP v5.2.5.6
30 Apr 2012Auto Hide IP v5.2.5.2
10 Apr 2012Auto Hide IP v5.2.4.8
19 Mar 2012Auto Hide IP v5.2.4.6
07 Mar 2012Auto Hide IP v5.2.3.6
22 Feb 2012Auto Hide IP v5.2.3.2
06 Feb 2012Auto Hide IP v5.2.2.8
22 Jan 2012Auto Hide IP v5.2.2.6
08 Jan 2012Auto Hide IP v5.2.2.2
22 Dec 2011Auto Hide IP v5.2.1.8
07 Dec 2011Auto Hide IP v5.2.1.6
21 Nov 2011Auto Hide IP v5.2.1.2
10 Nov 2011Auto Hide IP v5.2.0.8
04 Nov 2011Auto Hide IP v5.1.9.6
01 Nov 2011Auto Hide IP v5.1.9.2
05 Oct 2011Auto Hide IP v5.1.8.8
23 Sep 2011Auto Hide IP v5.1.8.6
08 Sep 2011Auto Hide IP v5.1.8.2
05 Sep 2011Auto Hide IP v5.1.7.8
08 Aug 2011Auto Hide IP v5.1.7.6
09 Jul 2011Auto Hide IP v5.1.7.2
26 Jun 2011Auto Hide IP v5.1.6.2
23 May 2011Auto Hide IP v5.1.5.6
06 May 2011Auto Hide IP v5.1.5.2
21 Apr 2011Auto Hide IP v5.1.4.8
03 Apr 2011Auto Hide IP v5.1.4.6
26 Mar 2011Auto Hide IP v5.1.3.6
04 Mar 2011Auto Hide IP v5.1.3.2
21 Feb 2011Auto Hide IP v5.1.2.8
14 Feb 2011Auto Hide IP v5.1.2.6
14 Jan 2011Auto Hide IP v5.1.2.2
10 Jan 2011Auto Hide IP v5.1.1.8
20 Dec 2010Auto Hide IP v5.1.1.6
04 Dec 2010Auto Hide IP v5.1.1.2
19 Nov 2010Auto Hide IP v5.1.0.8
02 Nov 2010Auto Hide IP v5.1.0.6
22 Oct 2010Auto Hide IP v5.1.0.2
25 Sep 2010Auto Hide IP v5.0.9.8
14 Sep 2010Auto Hide IP v5.0.9.2
19 Aug 2010Auto Hide IP v5.0.8.6
13 Aug 2010Auto Hide IP v5.0.7.6
09 Aug 2010Auto Hide IP v5.0.4.6
01 Aug 2010Auto Hide IP v4.7.3.2
16 Jun 2010Auto Hide IP v4.7.2.2
02 Jun 2010Auto Hide IP v4.7.1.8
07 May 2010Auto Hide IP v4.7.1.6
04 May 2010Auto Hide IP v4.7.1.2
12 Apr 2010Auto Hide IP v4.7.0.2
03 Apr 2010Auto Hide IP v4.6.9.8
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Unverified new user
Auto Hide IP v5.2.9.6

Tried it and it slowed down my Cp quit a bit. Uninstalled it.

25 Oct 2012
Auto Hide IP v5.1.8.8

Auto Clear Cookies is a small tool that lets you easily remove cookies from your browser. Automatic clearing cookies allows you to erase cookies from a single website or domain name, or purge all your browser cookies for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. If you are tired of deleting all cookies when you want to delete cookies from a single website, cookies, Auto Clear is right for you. Remove cookies by domain name or part of a domain.

Auto Hide IP v5.1.8.2

This is a super bit of kit, for all u torrent downloaders.....

Auto Hide IP v5.0.9.2

Dats why its called SHAREWARE DOH!!!!

Auto Hide IP v5.0.7.6

This is a 1 day trial, after that u have to buy it for 30$, just to let everyone know..