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Glary Utilities (Portable) v5.73

Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP
Glary Utilities is a freeware with registry and disk cleaning, privacy protection, performance accelerator and amazing multifunctional tools. It can fix dogged registry errors, wipe off clutters, optimize internet speed, safeguard confidential files and maintain maximum performance.

It is designed for both novice and professionals. User-friendly interface shows clear & detailed directions. For novice, all work can be done with just 1 or 2 clicks, while for professionals, abundant options are available.

This portable version can be launched from portable media, like usb-hard drives, thumb drives etc.


Glary Utilities (Portable) v3.9.0.137 Glary Utilities (Portable) v2.51.0.1666 Glary Utilities (Portable) v2.51.0.1666

glary utilities clean fix registry disk performance

License type Freeware1
Author's homepage Visit the author's site
Date added 12 Aug 2020
Downloads 10,276
File size 18.53 MB (< 3min @ 1Mbps)
Supported languages English,  Swedish,  Spanish,  Dutch
Operating systems Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP1

1License and operating system information is based on latest version of the software.

12 Aug 2020Glary Utilities (Portable) v5.148(Latest stable version)
29 Jul 2020Glary Utilities (Portable) v5.147
14 Jul 2020Glary Utilities (Portable) v5.146
16 Mar 2020Glary Utilities (Portable) v5.138
26 Dec 2019Glary Utilities (Portable) v5.134
20 Dec 2019Glary Utilities (Portable) v5.133
25 Aug 2019Glary Utilities (Portable) v5.126
09 Aug 2019Glary Utilities (Portable) v5.125
24 May 2019Glary Utilities (Portable) v5.119
02 May 2019Glary Utilities (Portable) v5.118
17 Apr 2019Glary Utilities (Portable) v5.117
30 Mar 2019Glary Utilities (Portable) v5.116
01 Mar 2019Glary Utilities (Portable) v5.114
02 Feb 2019Glary Utilities (Portable) v5.113
03 Jan 2019Glary Utilities (Portable) v5.112
15 Dec 2018Glary Utilities (Portable) v5.111
01 Dec 2018Glary Utilities (Portable) v5.110
12 Nov 2018Glary Utilities (Portable) v5.109
21 Sep 2018Glary Utilities (Portable) v5.106
03 Sep 2018Glary Utilities (Portable) v5.105
22 Aug 2018Glary Utilities (Portable) v5.104
08 Aug 2018Glary Utilities (Portable) v5.103
26 Jun 2018Glary Utilities (Portable) v5.100
24 Jun 2018Glary Utilities (Portable) v5.99
12 May 2018Glary Utilities (Portable) v5.97
18 Apr 2018Glary Utilities (Portable) v5.96
02 Apr 2018Glary Utilities (Portable) v5.95
17 Mar 2018Glary Utilities (Portable) v5.93
07 Feb 2018Glary Utilities (Portable) v5.92
20 Jan 2018Glary Utilities (Portable) v5.91
23 Dec 2017Glary Utilities (Portable) v5.90
25 Nov 2017Glary Utilities (Portable) v5.88
08 Nov 2017Glary Utilities (Portable) v5.87
03 Nov 2017Glary Utilities (Portable) v5.86
30 Sep 2017Glary Utilities (Portable) v5.85
18 Sep 2017Glary Utilities (Portable) v5.84
07 Sep 2017Glary Utilities (Portable) v5.83
21 Aug 2017Glary Utilities (Portable) v5.82
08 Aug 2017Glary Utilities (Portable) v5.81
18 Jul 2017Glary Utilities (Portable) v5.80
05 Jul 2017Glary Utilities (Portable) v5.79
07 Jun 2017Glary Utilities (Portable) v5.77
22 May 2017Glary Utilities (Portable) v5.76
08 May 2017Glary Utilities (Portable) v5.75
25 Apr 2017Glary Utilities (Portable) v5.74
16 Apr 2017Glary Utilities (Portable) v5.73
01 Apr 2017Glary Utilities (Portable) v5.72
18 Mar 2017Glary Utilities (Portable) v5.71
10 Mar 2017Glary Utilities (Portable) v5.70
17 Feb 2017Glary Utilities (Portable) v5.69
17 Jan 2017Glary Utilities (Portable) v5.68
08 Jan 2017Glary Utilities (Portable) v5.67
30 Dec 2016Glary Utilities (Portable) v5.66
16 Dec 2016Glary Utilities (Portable) v5.65
27 Nov 2016Glary Utilities (Portable) v5.64
10 Nov 2016Glary Utilities (Portable) v5.63
30 Oct 2016Glary Utilities (Portable) v5.62
16 Oct 2016Glary Utilities (Portable) v5.61
28 Sep 2016Glary Utilities (Portable) v5.60
10 Sep 2016Glary Utilities (Portable) v5.59
22 Aug 2016Glary Utilities (Portable) v5.58
09 Aug 2016Glary Utilities (Portable) v5.57
28 Jul 2016Glary Utilities (Portable) v5.56
13 Jul 2016Glary Utilities (Portable) v5.55
21 Aug 2013Glary Utilities (Portable) v3.9.0.137
30 May 2013Glary Utilities (Portable) v2.56.0.8322
28 Apr 2013Glary Utilities (Portable) v2.55.0.1790
21 Mar 2013Glary Utilities (Portable) v2.54.0.1759
20 Mar 2013Glary Utilities (Portable) v2.54.0.1758
06 Feb 2013Glary Utilities (Portable) v2.53.0.1726
04 Feb 2013Glary Utilities (Portable) v2.53.0.1723
10 Jan 2013Glary Utilities (Portable) v2.52.0.1698
28 Nov 2012Glary Utilities (Portable) v2.51.0.1666
25 Oct 2012Glary Utilities (Portable) v2.50.0.1632
13 Sep 2012Glary Utilities (Portable) v2.49.0.1600
10 Aug 2012Glary Utilities (Portable) v2.48.0.1568
08 Jul 2012Glary Utilities (Portable) v2.47.0.1539
05 Jun 2012Glary Utilities (Portable)
13 May 2012Glary Utilities (Portable) v2.45.0.1486
11 Apr 2012Glary Utilities (Portable) v2.44.0.1450
03 Mar 2012Glary Utilities (Portable) v2.43.0.1419
04 Feb 2012Glary Utilities (Portable) v2.42.0.1389
29 Dec 2011Glary Utilities (Portable) v2.41.0.1358
11 Dec 2011Glary Utilities (Portable) v2.40.0.1326
02 Nov 2011Glary Utilities (Portable) v2.39.0.1310
03 Oct 2011Glary Utilities (Portable) v2.38.0.1288
01 Sep 2011Glary Utilities (Portable) v2.37.0.1260
12 Aug 2011Glary Utilities (Portable) v2.36.0.1232
06 Jul 2011Glary Utilities (Portable) v2.35.0.1216
30 May 2011Glary Utilities (Portable) v2.34.0.1190
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