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System information

System information tools are meant for analysing, testing and measuring your PC system and hardware configuration.

Typical tools in this category help you to analyze the performance of your system, monitor component heat levels in your PC and much more.

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LoadOrder v1.0

LoadOrder shows you the order that a Windows NT or Windows 2000 system loads device drivers.

Date updated:07/31/2010 Downloads:488 Filesize:42.19 kB
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RAM CPU Taskbar v2.0.3

RAM CPU Taskbar is a tool that turns the taskbar into a dynamic color-changing RAM and CPU meter.

Date updated:06/11/2013 Downloads:477 Filesize:13.78 kB
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NirSoft WhatIsHang v1.27

This utility tries to detect the software or process that is currently hung, and displays some information that may allow you to sort out and understand what exactly is at the root of such unexpected behavior.

Date updated:02/05/2015 Downloads:468 Filesize:58.82 kB
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NirSoft JumpListsView v1.10

JumpListsView is a simple tool that displays the information stored by the 'Jump Lists' feature of Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Date updated:08/20/2017 Downloads:462 Filesize:55.61 kB
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NirSoft USBLogView v1.13

USBLogView from NirSoft is a freeware utility that monitors and logs information regarding USB devices connected to, and disconnected from your system.

Date updated:04/29/2015 Downloads:456 Filesize:203.70 kB
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NirSoft DiskCountersView v1.15

DiskCountersView displays the system counters of each disk drive in your system, including the total number of read/write operations and the total number of read/write bytes.

Date updated:04/08/2013 Downloads:453 Filesize:45.08 kB
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NirSoft WinLister v1.20

WinLister displays the list of opened windows on your system.

Date updated:03/21/2015 Downloads:452 Filesize:30.10 kB
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HWMonitor (portable) v1.33

HWMonitor is a tool you can use for monitoring your system hardware, from temperature to fan speeds to voltages. This version is portable and so has no installer.

Date updated:10/14/2017 Downloads:451 Filesize:1.37 MB
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System Explorer (PortableApps) v7.1.0

System Explorer is a free application that gives you detailed information about your system.

Date updated:04/24/2016 Downloads:446 Filesize:2.08 MB
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SystemRescueCd v5.2.1

SystemRescueCd is a Linux system rescue disk available as a bootable CD-ROM or USB stick for administrating or repairing your system and data.

Date updated:03/18/2018 Downloads:433 Filesize:544.09 MB
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