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Version history for AutoGK

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Changes for v2.53 Beta - v2.55

  • XviD bundled was still 1.3.0 somehow, which is updated to 1.2.1
  • ColorMatrix filter updated

Changes for v2.52 Beta - v2.53 Beta

  • fixed compatibility with non-english characters in the input path (excluding support of subs in this case)
  • XviD now uses VAQ if source is not a cartoon (XviD setting in hidden options control's that) or have burnt-in subs.
  • fixed bug with not all subtitles being processed if IFO file does not have them all in order (i.e. some are edited out)
  • fixed bug with first subtitle track not being default one after rearranging order of subs
  • included MPC that was missing from 2.50/52 installer
  • fixed support of PCM audio tracks in MPG files

Changes for v2.48 Beta (update) - v2.52 Beta

  • fixed file split bug (introduced in 2.50a)
  • XviD updated to the release version of 1.2.1 plus VAQ patch (VAQ is not used by AutoGK yet though)
  • Avisynth updated to the version 2.5.8

Changes for v2.47 Beta (update) - v2.48 Beta (update)

  • XviD build downgraded to CVS 08/12/06 as in 2.40
  • DGMpgDec updated to version 1.5.0 beta 12

Changes for v2.46 Beta (update) - v2.47 Beta (update)

  • fixed external subs problem
  • add command line option to start AutoGK in multi-instance mode: "-multi"
  • DGMpgDec updated to version 1.5.0 beta 4
  • XviD downgraded to version 1.2.0 CVS 20/12/06 to prevent undersize with ESS option enabled

Changes for v2.45 - v2.46 Beta (update)

  • DGMpgDec updated to version 1.5.0 beta 2 to prevent popups during encode
  • included MPC that does preview now
  • compiled with new compiler/libraries
  • added option to go to sleep (stand by) mode after encode
  • colormatrix filter is updated to version 2.2

Changes for v2.40 - v2.45

  • XviD build updated to CVS 25/07/07
  • DGMpgDec updated to version 1.4.9
  • avisynth updated to version 2.5.7
  • filters updated to latest versions
  • colormatrix uses multiple threads on multiple CPUs
  • added hidden option to hide DGIndex

Changes for v2.27 - v2.40

  • XviD build updated to CVS 08/12/06

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