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Version history for AvsP

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Changes for v2.0.1 - v2.0.2

  • added numerous entries to function database (contributed by Harukalover, danielkun)
  • added ability to open multiple scripts in Open dialog (suggested by Underground78)
  • new syntax in extension templates for relative paths (suggested by krisq)
  • changed database editing for plugins to reduce redundancy with short and long names
  • fixed program hanging on text highlight (thanks miamicanes, Harukalover, foxyshadis)
  • fixed issue with translation messages (thanks zemog)
  • fixed crash when deleting existing bookmark (thanks AlanHK)
  • manually hidden sliders now stay hidden on video refresh (thanks AlanHK)
  • fixed minor bug with autocompletion and underscore character

Changes for v2.0.0 - v2.0.1

  • improved automatic user slider construction (suggested by AlanHK, bidmead)
  • added line number traceback for macro errors (suggestedy by foxyshadis)
  • disabled error line highlight when line-by-line update enabled (suggested by Zarxrax)
  • added warnings to crop editor for invalid crop values (suggested by AlanHK)
  • brought back shortcuts for function definitions in script menu (suggested by Alain2)
  • added close all tabs function (suggested by Serbianboss)
  • added option to disable scroll wheel through tabs (suggested by foxyshadis)
  • added option to disable frames for each tab (suggested by Harukalover)
  • changed autocomplete to show single item lists (suggested by Alain2)
  • changed title for separate video window to full script name (suggeseted by Alain2)
  • fixed minor error when configuring shortcuts (thanks RedDwarf1, krisq)
  • fixed next bookmark function to always search forward (thanks AlanHK)
  • changed "True" and "False" in database to lowercase (thanks AlanHK)
  • fixed typo in options dialog (thanks AlanHK)
  • fixed bug with manual activation of filter help (thanks Alain2)
  • fixed bug with macro functions GetWidth/Height and zoomed video (thanks Alain2)
  • fixed display issue with slider window and zoom window fit (thanks rfmmars)

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