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Version history for CDBurnerXP

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Changes for v4.5.7.6623 - v4.5.8.6795

  • + Optional crossfading for audio discs
  • * DPI improvements for video DVD dialog
  • ! Fixed: Drive letter command line argument not working

Changes for v4.5.7.6499 - v4.5.7.6521

  • ! Fixed: Audio tracks might be reprocessed again when burning multiple copies unnecessarily
  • ! Fixed incorrect errror handling in import session dialog

Changes for v4.5.7.6452 - v4.5.7.6499

  • Updated StarBurn (issue: ISO files may not be ripped correctly)
  • Updated NL and PL translations

Changes for v4.5.7.6229 - v4.5.7.6282

  • + "Number of copies" option for ISO burning (UserVoice request)
  • ! Fixed: WAV files with bitrate other than 1411 cause an error message when burning
  • ! Fixed FormatException in pt-BR translation

Changes for v4.5.6.6059 - v4.5.7.6229

  • Disabled usage of DirectShow filters for further audio formats to prevent issues with audio conversion
  • Fixed column alignment in RTL layout
  • Changes in
  • Command line version now skips files that cannot be read (as the GUI version does) and outputs a warning message
  • Updated to StarBurn 15.6
  • Always convert FLAC files to WAV, preventing the usage of problematic DirectShow filters
  • Added BD XL sizes for disc spanning
  • Adjusted command line version for no-drive usage

Changes for v4.5.5.5571 - v4.5.5.5642

  • Added support for custom gaps between tracks (pregap / postgap)
  • * Adjusted copy disc dialog for RTL
  • * Adjusted video DVD disc dialog for RTL
  • * Updated link in audio track recognition dialog
  • ! MSI installer does not upgrade previous versions correctly
  • ! Fixed missing text in startup dialog after minimizing (for RTL languages)

Changes for v4.5.4.5306 - v4.5.5.5571

  • Update to StarBurn 15.4
  • Re-implemented EchoNest API (has been shut down) with
  • Handle OverflowException with appropriate error message

Changes for v4.5.4.5118 - v4.5.4.5143

  • Improved video DVD burning for RTL
  • Adjusted error reporting for TypeInitializationExceptions
  • Show appropriate error message if invalid boot image is selected

Changes for v4.5.4.5067 - v4.5.4.5118

  • Fixed dialog "import session" is not properly RTL'd
  • Adjusted "boot options" dialog for RTL
  • Adjusted "disc spanning" dialog for RTL
  • Fixed RTL issue in "print cover" and fixed incorrect activation of controls in response to the selected radio buttons
  • Fixed message boxes not being right aligned with RTL
  • Fixed ArgumentException HandleSpecialFile when trying to add files from unsupported locations
  • Fixed potential ArgumentOutOfRangeException in custom disc size dialog
  • Fixed a potential NullReferenceException when closing the data compilation
  • Fixed a potential NullReferenceException when renaming folders
  • Fixed unnecessarily limiting number conversion in boot options dialog (sectors) which additionally results in an error

Changes for v4.5.4.5000 - v4.5.4.5067

  • Indicate disc type required when the required disc space exceeds the maximum size available for the currently inserted media type.
  • Ignore ShellException in SetWindowAppId
  • Replaced error report with appropriate error message (ArgumentException)
  • Fixed an ArgumentNullException when importing previous sessions
  • Fixed a potential ArgumentOutOfRangeException in the properties dialog
  • Fixed a potential NullReferenceException when renaming files

Changes for v4.5.3.4746 - v4.5.4.4852

  • Added EchoNest music identification
  • Lifted technical limitation: CD-Text can now be combined with gaps between tracks
  • Updated to StarBurn 15.3 (fixes BD-RE device capability detection)
  • Allow manually typing in HDD target (copy disc) with autocompletion
  • Fixed a few issues with hight contrast theme
  • Fixed: Adding files larger than 4GB to ISO/Joliet no longer causes an error
  • Fixed a few registry entries remaining after removal of CDBurnerXP

Changes for v4.5.3.4643 - v4.5.3.4746

  • Added Serbian Cyrillic translation and cyrillic/latin installer translation
  • Updated StarBurn to 15.2 (for Win 8.1/SPTD)
  • Fixed: Adding audio tracks was no longer possible when closing the audio compilation area and opening it again

Changes for v4.5.2.4255 - v4.5.2.4291

  • Updated StarBurn library
  • Fixed: Imported file size is displayed incorrectly
  • Fixed startup issue occurring on some WinXP systems

Changes for v4.5.2.4214 - v4.5.2.4255

  • When caching files is enabled, CDBurnerXP now saves the original non-cached path for data compilations
  • Fixed: Before burning ISO images, an empty disc should be required (instead of just a writable one)
  • Fixed: CDBurnerXP does not ask for erasing the disc if an empty disc is required
  • Fixed: ISO burning does not show any progress
  • Fixed: Errors occuring during ISO burning or copying are not displayed

Changes for v4.5.1.4003 - v4.5.2.4214

  • Added thumbnail printing feature (see
  • Added verification for video DVDs, updated to StarBurnX v15
  • Standard message boxes will now be shown RTL if the language requires it
  • Also display embedded cover images of audio files when printing thumbnails
  • Fixed incorrect file date/time for disc spanning

Changes for v4.5.1.3868 - v4.5.1.4003

  • Adjusted ISO split file name for sorting
  • Fixed: Cancel does not work
  • Fixed: Disc name is not set when burning data discs per command line
  • Fixed: Issues with size calculation
  • Fixed: Incorrect disc size descriptions
  • Fixed: Adding certain files with similar names fails with an exception
  • File names are now automatically renamed to match the file system specifications

Changes for v4.5.0.3685 - v4.5.0.3717

  • More details on file system restrictions (length limit)
  • Property dialog now works recursively if multiple files/folders are selected
  • Fixed: COMException
  • Release all locked files immediately if compilation is closed
  • Fixed upgrade code for x64 bit MSI packages
  • Fixed: Do not allow creating new folders when file with same name already exists
  • Fixed possible COMExceptions when deleting files
  • Prevent adding files with file names longer than technically possible (should probably be changed later so that files are renamed before the burning process starts)
  • Fixed: Caching options don't work

Changes for v4.5.0.3681 - v4.5.0.3685

  • Fixed problems with canelling the burning process
  • Fixed: Assume lower DVD-R disc size for disc spanning (practice has shown that theoretical size might not be available)
  • Fixed: Disc spanning not showing progress properly
  • Fixed: Some columns in details view might be shown more than once
  • Fixed: Copy to HDD selects wrong image type
  • Fixed: Disc label value might not be shortened

Changes for v4.4.2.3442 - v4.4.2.3442

  • Added support for new audio format "Opus"
  • Added Hungarian installer translation
  • Fixed an AccessViolationException when loading certain audio files
  • Fixed a bug with custom speed selection
  • Fixed: When opening an audio compilation, the saved order might not be restored

Changes for v4.4.1.3243 - v4.4.1.3341

  • Added Serbian translation
  • Also show playlist file types in file open dialog
  • Fixed (new try) burning speed possibly being changed during multi disc burning sessions
  • Fixed: Relatively rooted paths are not read correctly from playlist files

Changes for v4.4.1.3184 - v4.4.1.3243

  • Fixed: Custom speeds are removed when burning process starts
  • Do not offer auto update if newer version is already installed
  • Fixed an error when starting to burn a data disc

Changes for v4.4.1.3099 - v4.4.1.3184

  • Remove audio track sorting when loading a compilation
  • Fixed burning speed possibly being changed during multi disc burning sessions
  • Fixed application not exiting properly on Windows XP
  • Fixed: When dragging multiple files from the integrated file browser, files are not taken in the displayed order (depending on the file selected for dragging)

Changes for v4.4.0.3018 - v4.4.1.3099

  • Added column "File name" to track list
  • Added "Send to" integration to installer
  • Georgian installer translation (and translation updates)
  • Estonian installer translation
  • Improved support for right to left languages
  • Fixed tree view being out of sync after rename (UDF)
  • Fixed: Required hard disk space is not properly checked when copying

Changes for v4.4.0.2971 - v4.4.0.3018

  • Added possibility to use burning speeds that the burning device does not report as supported
  • Randomize tracks feature for audio discs
  • Fixed: Renaming does not work if UDF is being used (workaround until NMS is replaced by StarBurn)

Changes for v4.4.0.2968 - v4.4.0.2971

  • Ukrainian translation has not been deployed properly
  • Changed StarBurn DLL to older version (2968 did not include the ideal version)

Changes for v4.4.0.2905 - v4.4.0.2968

  • Cover printing: If no custom image is used and the track list exceeds 28 tracks, the first page is also used as track list
  • Added refresh by interval to disc checking dialog for the case that Windows message notifications don't work.
  • Switched back to older StarBurn burning library due to a couple of stability issues.

Changes for v4.4.0.2838 - v4.4.0.2905

  • Fixed a FormatException in the property dialog
  • Fixed: Window size of data/audio window is not preserved correctly when closed in minimized state
  • Fixed an ArgumentException in the video DVD burning dialog (path enclosed in quotes)
  • Fixed: Handle exceptions for "save as" / audio compilations
  • Fixed a StackOverflowException when cancelling
  • Fixed: Incorrect error message when making multiple copies with same source and target device
  • Fixed: If only one language is installed, use it as default
  • Fixed: The name suggested for burning video DVDs may exceed the maximum length
  • Fixed error "Incorrect BASS.DLL version (2.3 is required)" if an old version of bass_aac.dll has been copied to a Windows system folder

Changes for v4.3.9.2809 - v4.4.0.2838

  • Added support for BIN/CUE files (audio CD burning)
  • Made updater compatible to both versions of .NET Framework
  • CDBurnerXP will now ask before installing an update to prevent surprises
  • Updated burning library for more reliable audio burning
  • Fixed a visual glitch in the video DVD burning dialog
  • Fixed: Progress for multiple disc copies updated incorrectly

Changes for v4.3.9.2783 - v4.3.9.2809

  • Number of copies can now be specified in for disc copying
  • It is now possible to select the disc number when burning with disc spanning active
  • Upgrading should now work properly when using the MSI installer, also for minor version changes
  • Show right cursor for PreventDefaultDragDrop=1

Changes for v4.3.9.2762 - v4.3.9.2783

  • DVD-Video folders can now be dropped on the video DVD burning dialog
  • The visiblity of columns in the file selection view can now be controlled per context menu
  • Automatically append (1) ... (X) to the disc names for disc spanning
  • Added workaround for incorrectly written UTF-8 tags
  • Disabled digital signature verification to improve startup time
  • Fixed two 64 bit files in x86 MSI installer
  • Prevent ArgumentException in video DVD burning dialog for whitespace file paths
  • Fixed error: "The SAO mode only is allowed for burning MDS!"
  • Adjusted width of time column for English date time formats

Changes for v4.3.9.2761 - v4.3.9.2762

  • Fixed outdated DLL in setup package
  • Reverted to older StarBurn library again, audio burning issue still not fixed.

Changes for v4.3.8.2631 - v4.3.9.2761

  • Added "PreventDefaultDragDrop" configuration setting
  • Added Spanish (Argentina) translation
  • Improved duration formatting in cover printing and added border for cutting-out custom covers
  • Suggest album title for cover printing
  • Only install 64-bit version of CDBurnerXP to "Program files"
  • Automatically show audio player when playing an audio track and player is not visible
  • Prevent changing speed selection to "maximum speed" when burning multiple copies of a disc
  • Group directories at the top or bottom when sorting (like Windows Explorer)
  • Automatically show audio player when playing an audio track and player is not visible
  • New DVD-Video burning functionality, now also exposed in startup dialog (using StarBurn burning engine)
  • New MSI installer with better deployment capabilities
  • Fixed: Dropbox shows incorrect sizes
  • Fixed: Incorrect remaining size/MB (audio burning)
  • Fixed error: CStarBurn_ScsiTransportSPTI::ExecuteCDB(): Command failed
  • Fixed: MarshalDirectiveException when shutting down
  • Fixed: "Error while trying to send drive report"
  • Fixed error: CStarBurn_StarWaveFile::RealRead() (when burning short audio files)

Changes for v4.3.8.2568 - v4.3.8.2631

  • Option to enable or disable CD-Text
  • Added capability of overwriting existing files on disc when using the -import flag and adding new files (command line version)
  • Added "print track list" feature for audio burning
  • Adjusted date/time comparison for file replacement
  • Reserve a little more free space when splitting DVDs
  • Display "required" and "available" size more accurately if both are almost the same, so that the difference is actually apparet
  • MSI package and CDBurnerXP executables are now digitally signed as well
  • Fixed a missing translation
  • Fixed: Registry option "DefaultLanguage" does not work if only a single language is installed
  • Fixed error "index is outside the bounds of the array" when adding a cue sheet with a non zero first track index
  • Fixed: Renamed files do not appear renamed when printing a cover
  • Command line version now uses the correct (local) modification dates for files

Changes for v4.3.8.2521 - v4.3.8.2523

  • Another OpenCandy update

Changes for v4.3.8.2513 - v4.3.8.2521

  • Updated OpenCandy to comply with MSE

Changes for v4.3.8.2474 - v4.3.8.2513

  • Added Galician language
  • When adding a video DVD layout, the parent folder of VIDEO_TS will also be accepted
  • Prevent system from going into standby mode while burning
  • More useful error information in command line version
  • Fixed: Portable versions should not attempt to launch the auto update
  • Fixed: Custom disc spanning size cannot be specified in GB
  • Fixed: Predefined DVD+R disc size too high

Changes for v4.3.7.2423 - v4.3.8.2474

  • Added argument "-sptd" for command line version
  • Fixed: Auto update does never actually work
  • Added DVD+R to disc sizes for disc spanning, because it has a smaller size than DVD-R. Discs fitted to DVD-R will not burn to DVD+R successfully.
  • Use supplied CD-Text information for cover printing
  • Fixed: ISO level is not remembered
  • Fixed: After disabling the question "Save compilation" a compilation is attempted to be saved by default (instead of doing nothing)
  • Fixed: Command line version does not rename files when importing DXP files
  • Fixed: Cue sheets that specifiy file names with superfluous spaces at the start or end cannot be parsed
  • Fixed a possible NullReferenceException when trying to add an empty cue sheet
  • Fixed: Incorrect error messages when burning multiple audio discs in a row
  • Fixed: Importing Cue sheets with comments fails
  • Fixed: Importing NRA files with special characters fails
  • Fixed a possible "audio track invalid" error message

Changes for v4.3.7.2356 - v4.3.7.2420

  • Added "Copy all" function to the device information window
  • Added "Add folder..." to Edit menu
  • CDBurnerXP file extensions now appear in "default programs"
  • It is no longer attempted to hibernate when using the shutdown option after burning discs
  • Fixed: Disc spanning might create images that are a few bytes too large for the target medium
  • Fixed: Command line log file does not work
  • Fixed: ApplicationID is set incorrectly
  • Fixed accessibility of the startup screen
  • Fixed: Drives with drive letter A and B are not recognised
  • Fixed: Error message "StarWave_CompressedFileReaderObjectCreate failed" when burning ISO files

Changes for v4.3.7.2316 - v4.3.7.2356

  • Files in the compilation are now sorted using the same method as WinXP (and later) uses, considering numeric file name parts
  • Now supports "Open with" command for ISO images
  • Support for NRA playlists
  • More user friendly error messages when renaming files incorrectly
  • Fixed: Do not warn about unreadable data near the end of the disc when grabbing (where unreadable data is to be expected)

Changes for v4.3.5.2256 - v4.3.7.2316

  • Option to use a custom size for disc spanning
  • Made custom media size menu easier to access (no submenu)
  • Processing audio tracks now happens at a later time
  • Fixed: Silent installation does not work
  • Fixed: Stop audio player when starting the burning process
  • Fixed: Portable version should not include OpenCandy files
  • Two methods for disc splitting: "Use as few discs as possible" and "Do not split folder contents unnecessarily"
  • Option to add a table of contents to each disc for disc spanning
  • Extended file filter functionality: Files can now be filtered when adding them to the compilation, include/exclude option, F7 shortcut
  • Fixed: File system choice is not remembered
  • Properly verify whether or not simulation is possible before starting the burning process
  • Some fallbacks for creating INI files
  • Cover printing now also allows to use existing (scanned) images as cover
  • Fixed: Task bar progress does not disappear in some occasions
  • Fixed: Reordering audio tracks is not possible under certain circumstances
  • Fixed a FormatException
  • Fixed: Del key in track edit mode deletes track instead of a single char
  • Fixed: Crash when verifying burned ISO images

Changes for v4.3.2.2212 - v4.3.5.2256

  • Disc spanning: Data compilations can now be spead on multiple discs
  • New option "-changefiledates" for the command line version
  • Fixed: Incorrect error "There is not enough free space on the disc." when burning audio discs
  • Fixed: Audio pause length is twice as long as intended
  • Fixed: Burn speed is disregarded when burning audio discs
  • Fixed some progress bars not being displayed in the task bar (Win7)
  • Adjusted incorrect "File" count in command line version
  • Fixed: Command line -folder[\X]:\A -folder[\X]:\B does not work
  • Fixed: Incorrect log message when extracting CD image to file

Changes for v4.3.2.2140 - v4.3.2.2212

  • Information about file rename requirements before burning a disc
  • New dialog for setting the file system properties #As long as issues are not solved, VS 2008 downgrade #tweet:Next version will have a new dialog for setting file system properties. Also explains limitations of the chosen file system.
  • Only show progress dialogs if necessary (if operation takes longer than half a second)
  • Fixed: No task bar progress in x64 version
  • Missing service description on x64 OSes
  • Fixed: Using -file with FLAC audio files does not work

Changes for v4.3.1.2101 - v4.3.2.2140

  • Option to save an audio compilation as cue sheet
  • Added option -udf
  • Option to save an audio compilation as M3U playlist
  • TITLE and PERFORMER information in Cue sheets is now used for CD-Text
  • Optimisation: Omit processing of cue sheet tracks which are added as a whole
  • Warning about adding duplicate tracks to audio compilations (especially when using playlists and single files in combination)
  • Do not show error messages for eject failures
  • Allow reordering of columns in the audio track list
  • Fixed: Cancel did not work properly during "reading from source" when copying a disc
  • Fixed: "Audio player" menu item may get out of sync with audio player state
  • Fixed: Double clicking an item in the startup dialog alters the clipboard content (workaround)
  • Fixed: Burning mixed mode discs is not possible
  • Fixed a FormatExcpetion when using the Arabic translation
  • More fault tolerant language setting
  • Fixed: Command line version does not correctly create folders on discs
  • Fixed: Unreadable error messages in low contrast mode

Changes for v4.3.0.2064 - v4.3.1.2101

  • Added support for .NET Framework 4.0
  • Added -speed option to command line version
  • New replace dialog (with option "replace changed files only")
  • Command line version now behaves in a more useful way: -folder[\targetFolder]:sourcePath will add all contents within sourcePath into targetFolder, instead of adding the source folder as a sub directory.
  • Fixed an IOException in the language selection dialog
  • Fixed FormatExcpetions when using Arabic translations
  • Fixed: Burning ISO images close to the max. size fails with error message

Changes for v4.3.0.2054 - v4.3.0.2064

  • Fixed a NullReferenceException
  • Auto update of x64 edition should not download a 32 bit version
  • Fixed an UnauthorizedAccessException

Changes for v4.3.0.2015 - v4.3.0.2054

  • Introduced x64 and portable version
  • COM registration is no longer required (more portable)
  • Updated Inno Setup installer for Win7 improvements
  • Fixed m3u not being handled as special file
  • Fixed: Edit box does not disappear when clearing the compilation
  • Added proper error message when attempting to write files larger than 4GB to FAT32
  • Fixed command line version

Changes for v4.3.0.1991 - v4.3.0.2015

  • Option for automated CD-Text generation
  • Added more possible actions to the "Waiting for disc" dialog
  • Fixed/Updated romanian installer translation
  • Only create Microsoft Windows compliant start menu shortcuts
  • Fixed error message "not enough free space on disc" when copying

Changes for v4.3.0.1977 - v4.3.0.1991

  • Added support for m3u8 playlists
  • Added "Eject disc" option for burning ISO files
  • x64 (beta) edition now supports MPC as well
  • Fixed an ArgumentOutOfRangeException in the report drive dialog
  • Fixed an InvalidOperationException
  • Fixed: ISO image is deleted after creation

Changes for v4.2.7.1893 - v4.3.0.1977

  • Added Kazakh translation
  • Added Arabic translation
  • Extended "Copy disc" functionality
  • -tao and -sao switches for command line version
  • Check for updates less frequently
  • Use UDF for command line burning/ISO creation
  • The CD-Text information can now be edited directly in the track list, without using the CD-Text dialog
  • Updated NumediaSoft burning library (should provide a better device detection on Win7)
  • Added proper error message for DRM protected files
  • Re-enabled the possibility to append tracks to non-finalised audio discs (Track-at-Once only)
  • Fixed inverted "Finalize" option when burning ISO files
  • Fixed incorrect disc label limitation in the "Edit CD/DVD labels" dialog
  • Fixed a NullReferenceException during cover printing
  • Fixed log file option (file will be stored in %appdata%\Canneverbe Limited\CDBurnerXP)
  • Fixed burning MDS image files
  • Free space is determined incorrectly, when accessing folders which point to a different partition
  • Fixed varying burning speed when burning multiple copies
  • Fixed: Selecting a different burning speed has no effect when burning ISO images (again)
  • Fixed: Empty CD-Text is not empty, but uses StarBurnX defaults
  • Fixed: Some "track no." tags were read incorrectly (updated to BASS.NET

Changes for v4.2.7.1878 - v4.2.7.1893

  • Updated to StarBurn SDK V12
  • Fixed: Selecting a different burning speed has no effect when burning ISO images
  • Fixed erasing DVD-RAMs
  • Fixed ISO creation per command line (files in root folder were missing)
  • It is no longer necessary to append a "/" at the end of the source path when using the -folder command line argument

Changes for v4.2.7.1875 - v4.2.7.1878

  • Lithuanian translation
  • Fixed a bug which caused some window positions not be saved
  • Fixed language setting not being remembered

Changes for v4.2.7.1849 - v4.2.7.1875

  • MP2 files are now processed more quickly
  • Made audio size bar more accurate
  • Prevent "internal SDK error" messages by checking if the CD is completely empty when burning an audio disc
  • Fixed "Browse"-Button without translation
  • Fixed ISO generation using the command line option "-layout"
  • Fixed an unnecessary error message in the options dialog
  • Note: This release will forget most of your UI settings (just once). In order to switch the configuration systems, this cannot be avoided. Sorry for any inconveniences.
  • Fixed configuration error messages (by getting rid of the .NET configuration system)

Changes for v4.2.7.1801 - v4.2.7.1849

  • Added exit codes to command line version (0= no error)
  • Fixed the task dialog information icon being shown as question
  • Fixed: CDBurnerXP disappears when switching desktops with Dexpot
  • Fixed an unnecessary error message "... is an invalid character"
  • "0" disc numbers are no longer printed on covers
  • Fixed window stae not being restored properly
  • Fixed "Not Implemented" error during silent setup on Win7 (InnoSetup 5.3.7)

Changes for v4.2.6.1748 - v4.2.7.1801

  • Fixed a possible crash after burning an audio disc
  • Fixed missing files/folders when adding a second session
  • Fixed a crash after burning an ISO file
  • Fixed: Wrong speed indicated when burning a second disc

Changes for v4.2.6.1706 - v4.2.6.1748

  • Added support for MPC (Musepack) and Wavpack audio files
  • Custom file display formats for cover printing
  • New disc info dialog
  • Allow playing tracks by using the Enter key in the audio file list
  • More elegant file names for ripped tracks (also tries reading CD-Text)
  • Removed a basically useless "ready" page in the installer to reduce the steps required to install
  • Fixed negative free disc space for audio disc
  • Fixed a COMException when a drive has been disconnected
  • Show more helpful error message for MissingMessageExceptions
  • Fixed an UnauthorizedAccessException
  • Fixed a crash that occured when ejecting the disc after erasing

Changes for v4.2.5.1541 - v4.2.6.1706

  • Extended sizebar context menu for BD and HD-DVD media
  • Group policies NoDrives and NoViewOnDrives are now respected
  • Sizebar context menu for audio compilations
  • Optional message boxes
  • CD-Text support
  • Support for APE audio files
  • Command line version now supports FLAC and other audio formats
  • Warning about impossible simulation (audio discs)
  • Redesigned erase dialog
  • Removed unnecessary "project folder" setting
  • Show update page in the correct language
  • Fixed DEL key not working in disc label text box
  • Fixed: Command line version aborts with "pure virtual function call" error
  • Fixed: Backspace could no longer be used to rename items in the file view
  • Removed icon in notification area while using a drop box (had inconsistent behaviour)

Changes for v4.2.5.1490 - v4.2.5.1541

  • Added verification method for the file count of the disc to detect broken file system structures
  • Fixed "Overburn" button being too small for some translations
  • Fixed a possible ArgumentException in the settings dialog
  • Fixed a FormatException when checking for updates
  • There will no longer be an error message if CDBurnerXP starts up with the last used folder and the the user does not have rights to see the content of the parent folder

Changes for v4.2.4.1430 - v4.2.5.1490

  • Extended disc labels are now saved within the data compilation file
  • Allow overburning
  • Auto update
  • Fixed an ArgumentOutOfRangeException
  • Fixed an UnauthorizedAccessException when copying ISO discs
  • The default installer will no longer allow to continue if an MSI package has already been used on the same system

Changes for v4.2.4.1351 - v4.2.4.1420

  • Latvian translation
  • Slovenian installer translation
  • Added $yr variable
  • Setting for user defined temp folder
  • Allow line breaks in error report descriptions
  • NMSAccess service replaced with local security policy settings
  • Removed annoying message boxes when burning multiple copies
  • Allow Alt+Up, Alt+Left and Alt+Right shortcuts in the explorer file view
  • Handle invalid command line arguments more gracefully
  • Fixed verification not being performed even though the checkbox is checked
  • Fixed duplicate access keys and added "text only" toolbar style
  • Let updater wait until the application has closed proeprly
  • AudioPlayer window might not be visible on the screen when enabled
  • Fixed lost tab background color after minimising
  • Fixed: Shutting down after burning does not work if verification is enabled

Changes for v4.2.4.1322 - v4.2.4.1351

  • Fixed an ArgumentOutOfRangeException
  • Fixed an SEHException
  • Fixed wrong burning speed when burning multiple copies
  • Prevent startup of CDBurnerXP and show an appropriate error message if system fonts are missing or corrupted
  • Fixed a NullReferenceException
  • File dates were not always updated correctly
  • & character in the default disc label text box underscores the next character typed in the preview area
  • Fixed: Cannot leave burning dialog if multiple copies have been canceled
  • Fixed not using the saved option for "verify" when using the simple burning options
  • Temporary files weren't being cleaned up properly
  • Prevent duplicate entries in the message log

Changes for v4.2.4.1300 - v4.2.4.1322

  • Now remembers last used data/audio device properly and also remembers the last used device for ISO burning
  • Fixed an ArgumentOutOfRangeException
  • Check for sufficient free disc space when copying discs
  • Fixed an IOException in the ISO conversion dialog
  • No longer throws errors if settings cannot be written to the registry
  • Fixed a missing translation
  • Fixed an ObjectDisposedException when using the "Print" toolbar button (and with shaky fingers the one right next to it at the same time)
  • Fixed an InvalidOperationException ("selected too many files")

Changes for v4.2.4.1272 - v4.2.4.1300

  • Option for number of copies to burn
  • Added "copy log to clipboard" functionality for logs
  • Caching files can be canceled more quickly
  • Improved media notification, which should prevent momentary freezes or slowdowns
  • Moved "show all speeds" to options
  • Updated most translations
  • Fixed a possibly duplicated "do you want to erase" message box
  • Fixed an ArgumentException which occured when adding audio files with certain translations
  • Fixed an InvalidOperationException
  • Fixed a NullReferenceException when opening the properties dialog
  • Fixed FS#159 (Disc check does not ask to erase)

Changes for v4.2.3.1110 - v4.2.4.1235

  • Links can now be right-clicked to copy the URLs to the clipboard
  • Made window sizes persistent for all windows
  • Properties can now also be shown in the directory tree view
  • Columns now have the same order for both file list views
  • Minor visual changes in the verification dialog (Cancel -> Close, list tooltips, maximise box)
  • Fixed a small issue with changing the selected device and importing sessions
  • Fixed "save labels" button being disabled unnecessarily
  • Eject disc before showing message box
  • Save sort column
  • Added ca-AD translation
  • Added workaround for WMA files
  • A couple of minor GUI adjustments for Windows 7
  • Fixed a random SEHException
  • Fixed a cosmetic issue with the cell editor
  • Fixed a problem with creating new folders (which would later result in a NullReferenceException)
  • "Update compilation" now also refreshes the file dates
  • Fixed a problem with the updater on certain systems
  • Newly added directories do not have the correct date/time
  • Fixed a control not being disabled during the burning process
  • Fixed small inconsistency
  • Fixed wrong folder icons for Windows 7

Changes for v4.2.3.1062 - v4.2.3.1110

  • Added "SATA" to drive report dialog
  • Added compatibility to old 3.5.106 compilation files
  • Added compatibility to old 3.5.106 audio compilation files
  • Allow longer disc names
  • Added hint to the data list view
  • Added hint to the audio list view
  • Added registry option DisableOnlineUpdate
  • If asking for data/audio burn options is disabled, CDBXP will now default to "advanced settings" always
  • Fixed not showing directory dates
  • Fixed a NullReferenceException at startup
  • Fixed missing file view translation in the video DVD dialog
  • Fixed a cosmetic problem in the Tile menu
  • Fixed a cosmetics when no disc is inserted
  • Fixed adding some cue sheets
  • Made CDBurnerXP properly portable
  • Fixed an ArgumentNullException when opening the properties of imported folders
  • Fixed an IOException
  • Fixed a non-roaming setting
  • Fixed a problem with saving audio compilations, which could lead to corrupted XML files
  • Fixed a problem with the "advanced settings" button
  • Fixed an ArgumentOutOfRangeException
  • Fixed a problem when messing with the "hidden" attribute

Changes for v4.2.2.1012 - v4.2.3.1062

  • Now allows AIFF, BWF and MP2 file formats for audio discs
  • Added new properties dialog for files and folders
  • Added option to cache files from removable media automatically (enabled by default)
  • DVD-Layouts were not saved correctly n DXP files
  • Fixed an UnauthorizedAccessException
  • Last used folder is now remembered correctly in the Video-DVD layout dialog
  • FileView is not updated after adding a Video-DVD layout
  • Fixed wrong kind of burning procedure after disabling the "ask"-options
  • Fixed an exception in the disc copy dialog
  • Fixed an InvalidOperationException
  • Fixed a problem with the integrated updater
  • Fixed an UnauthorizedAccessException
  • Fixed some columns being editable when they should not

Changes for v4.2.2.984 - v4.2.2.1012

  • Option to use only a single file size unit
  • Added registry option for predefined interface language(
  • Fixed a NullReferenceException when burning audio discs
  • Fixed license link
  • Fixed an InvalidOperationException in the file view
  • Fixed an ArgumentOutOfRangeException
  • Fixed a checkbox not being disabled upon start of the burning process (and clicking it resulted in a failed burning process)

Changes for v4.2.1.950 - v4.2.1.976

  • Improved updating the installed NMSAccess service
  • Added option to run CDBurnerXP after setup
  • Update now installs automatically with less clicks
  • Files greater than 4GiB will not be shown in the file errors report
  • Now allows burning more kinds of ISO files
  • Fixed some Replay Gain tags not being recognised
  • Fixed IOException when drive was not ready
  • Fixed all icons for LNK and EXE being the same

Changes for v4.2.1.919 - v4.2.1.950

  • French installer translation
  • Italian installer translation
  • Setup now shows no .NET setup questions when in silent mode
  • Fixed status bar now showing the right file system on startup
  • Fixed disk space warning / save ISO showing the wrong location
  • Fixed FS#97 - Warning for audio images when converting to ISO
  • Fixed renamed files not being loaded correctly from a compilation
  • Fixed checking disc space at the wrong location when copyin
  • Ejecting the disc did not always happen after erasing
  • Fixed copying audio discs and ripping tracks
  • Fixed slow sorting on imported file's file dates

Changes for v4.2.1.864 - v4.2.1.919

  • There are primarily bug fixes in this release, but we also got a localised installer. It has not yet been translated to all languages though.
  • The past releases had problems especially with burning MP3 files as audio disc, this release should put an end to them. However, I could only add a workaround, with the downside that all MP3 files go through some preprocessing which will take somewhat longer than before. The real solution is yet to be delivered by Numedia Soft (who are the developers of the burning library).

Changes for v4.1.2.787 - v4.1.2.789

  • Fixed an InvalidOperationException
  • Fixed an argument exception happening with certain visual themes

Changes for v4.1.2.694 - v4.1.2.745

  • Folder sizes are now shown in the compilation window
  • When printing audio covers, the tag information will be used in stead of the file name (if available)
  • More native looking menus (especially on Vista)
  • Fixed NullReferenceException in the "report working drive" dialog
  • Fixed ArgumentException for the case that faulty visual styles are in use
  • Fixed a KeyNotFoundException when closing a dialog (.NET bug)
  • Fixed a FormatException when ripping (renamed!) audio tracks from the hard drive (which does, of course, not work anyway)
  • Fixed an overflow exception when copying audio discs
  • Fixed an overflow exception when calculating the remaining time
  • Fixed an OverflowException when determining the available speeds
  • Fixed a MissingFieldException in the startup dialog

Changes for v4.1.2.678 - v4.1.2.694

  • Hidden files are now shown or hidden according to the system settings
  • Fixed NullReferenceException when adding cda files from hard disk
  • Fixed NullReferenceException when playing tracks
  • Fixed a NotSupportedException
  • Fixed ArgumentNullExceptions and ArgumentExceptions
  • Fixed an InvalidOperationException
  • Fixed an OverflowException

Changes for v4.1.1.660 - v4.1.2.678

  • Added export function to the file errors report dialog
  • Fixed a System.FormatException and System.InvalidOperationException
  • Fixed ArgumentException when browsing for a video-DVD image
  • Fixed two NullReferenceExceptions
  • Fixed a missing translation
  • Fixed ExternalException when accessing clipboard data
  • Fixed option "never ask for special files"
  • Fixed "All users" shortcut
  • Fixed copying audio discs

Changes for v4.0.022.370 - v4.0.024.439

  • Roaming user.config
  • Usability improvements for a couple of dialogs
  • New setup icon
  • Fixed trial version dialogs of the file- and folder-browser controls
  • Date/Time column is now being sorted correctly
  • Fixed an issue with burning DVD-RWs
  • Prevent trailing or beginning whitespace for files and directories
  • Fixed an arithmetic overflow exception
  • Fixed a couple of drag and drop problems

Changes for v4.0.020.367 - v4.0.022.370

  • Fixed burn iso image feature

Changes for v4.0.013.220 - v4.0.015.277

  • Hibernate or shutdown after burning (in that order)
  • made CDBXP portable
  • native folder icons in the discc layout view
  • fixed restoring window from tray
  • fixed audio copying audio discs
  • fixed all kinds of error reports, among them FileNotFound, PathTooLong or NotSupported exceptions
  • fixed installer desktop icons
  • fixed startup exceptions and error messages
  • fixed drag and drop freeze
  • fixed ugly icons in the replace file dialog
  • fixed saving files without internet connections
  • column width saving now working correctly with translations
  • fixed error message when clicking on links

Changes for v3.0.116 - v4.0.013.220

  • Support for new technologies like Double layer DVDs, Blu-Ray and HD-DVDs
  • Internationalisation (i18n): Support for multi-byte characters on discs and translations of the program
  • Support for FLAC audio files
  • disc-to-disc copy for audio and data
  • Save discs and compilations as ISO file
  • Support for WPL playlists
  • XML based project files for interoperability
  • fixed many bugs of 3.0.116 and 3.5

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