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Version history for Clipjump

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Changes for v12.3 - v12.5

  • Fixed crashing issues in v12.3 by using TooltipEx
  • Now using SQlite database for History
  • Ignore quick (<200ms) clipboard changes to prevent crashes
  • [New] Option to use Win-C and Win-X for copying to Clipjump
  • [New] Option to disable automatic clipboard monitoring

Changes for v12.0 - v12.3

  • Fixed bug with Action Mode not showing on some systems
  • [New] Move clip to first position in Paste Mode using Q
  • [New] Pop from channel
  • [New] Use Win instead of Ctrl for Paste Mode
  • [API] New function : disable

Changes for v 11.6.1 - v12.0

  • Added feature to delete multiple items in Channel Organizer
  • Improvement in Common Formats
  • Removed Select Channel GUI, Channel Organizer will take its place
  • Added Portuguese-Brazilian language
  • Many improvements for ClipjumpCustom
  • Better keyboard handling for Channel Organizer
  • Added new API function getClipByTag()
  • Lots and lots of bug fixes

Changes for v11.6 - v 11.6.1

  • Fixed a bug with hotpaste plugin adding content to clipjump when pasting
  • Added new common format UnHTML (thanks to derRaphael for the lib)
  • Removed default shortcut win+c for history tool

Changes for v11.5 - v11.6

  • Added new formats, TrimWhiteSpace and DeHTML in Common Formats
  • Added HoldClip in History Tool
  • Added option to change channel in channel organizer
  • Added option in Protected channel popup to transfer to default channel
  • Added option to open clip in Common Format plugin via HoldClip
  • History tool can now be kept active after Insta Pasting
  • Fixed bug where some icons were not displayed in channel organizer
  • More minor bug fixes, doc and program improvements

Changes for v11.4 - v11.5

  • Fixed a bug with Common Formats in the previous versions.
  • Updated ClipjumpCustom documentation
  • More minor improvements

Changes for v11.3 - v11.4

  • Added tips over Channel organizer buttons
  • Added option to always start paste mode with default formatting
  • Minor enhancements in documentation, common formats, plugin manager and channel organizer

Changes for v11.2.3 - v11.3

  • Added create new clip/create new channel feature in Channel Organizer
  • Added Edit Clip feature in Channel organizer
  • Overall enhancement in channel organizer in all the features

Changes for v11.2 - v11.2.3

  • Use 0..9 keys to change channel through Action mode
  • Added open in Paste mode option in Channel Organizer
  • Fixed few bugs introduced in the previous version

Changes for v11.0 - v11.2

  • You can now add Tags to clips
  • Use F1 in paste mode to see list of all feature available
  • Use 1..9 number keys to jump ahead in Paste mode.
  • Plugin Manager now returns the output of all plugins through a gui
  • Added option to open paste mode with search box enabled
  • Enhancement: Preview now wraps clip text
  • BugFix: Channel Default was not rename-able
  • More minor bug fixes and enhancements

Changes for v10.9 - v11.0

  • Added 'Channel Organizer' to help manage channels through a Graphical interface
  • Editing image now supported in Paste Mode
  • Fixed - Clips not shown correctly in presence of Clipboard Monitoring program like Executor.
  • Fixed - Image not shown in Search in Paste Mode
  • Many other small fixes

Changes for v10.8 - v10.9

  • Added Hold Clip feature to copy clip to buffer without copying it to Clipjump
  • Added 'RegExReplace' in Common Formats v0.3
  • Fixed - Image not moving in Copy/Move Clips
  • Fixed - Fixate not mainatained when clips were copied/moved.
  • Re-Arranged the Help File, hopefully more easy to follow now.
  • Moved Ignore Windows Manager to external plugin

Changes for v10.7.8 - v10.8

  • Added "Common Formats" paste format plugin
  • Enhanced the PublicAPI and it is now distributed with Clipjump
  • Fixed: Issue with Shift+4 shortcut due to Clipjump Custom
  • Fixed: Errors due to missing plugins in plugin system

Changes for v10.7.5.1 - v10.7.8

  • Fixed paste-formats misbehaving with clip1 when pasting in different formats repeatedly
  • Fixed "clips not previewing" issue in presence of high-memory programs like Netbeans
  • Improvements in the hotPaste plugin
  • Added Image editing support in History Tool
  • Other Help File and Action Mode enhancements

Changes for v10.7.5 - v10.7.5.1

  • Fixed a bug in ClipjumpCustom that arised in the previous version.
  • Fixed bug of not deleting when File/Folder clips were continuous by "Delete File/Folder" plugin.

Changes for v10.6.4 - v10.7.5

  • Clipjump now supports Plugins
  • Custom Paste Formats like NO-FORMATTING are now possible with the added Plugin Support
  • Multiple Insta-paste'ing possible in History Tool.
  • Use Enter in Paste mode to paste without closing Paste mode. After that, release Ctrl to cancel.
  • Use Ctrl+Enter in Search in Paste mode to paste without closing the window i.e. multi-paste.
  • ActionMode keys are totally customizable now. Add, remove, modify..
  • Added Edit option in History
  • Use %...% in Customizer to declare variables.
  • Also added function support in %..% variables.
  • Use noautorun=1 in a section in ClipjumpCustom.ini to avoid auto-executing it even if it doesn't have a bind key.
  • Added API.executeSection() to execute a section at will in ClipjumpCustom.ini
  • Added Store. object (multi-variable holder) to store variables that are valid throughout the Program's runtime.
  • Fixes in EditClip option in Paste mode
  • CHANGED No-Formatting option is now a part of paste-formatting option

Changes for v10.6.3 - v10.6.4

  • Fixed bug with more than 9 lines in a section in ClipjumpCustom.ini
  • Added: a new function API.emptyChannel() for ClipjumpCustomizer
  • Tried to fix bugs with Emacs-org-mode
  • Minor: little more enhancements in ClipjumpCustomizer

Changes for v10.6.2 - v10.6.3

  • Fixed issue with Action mode in Russian systems
  • Minor: fixed about gui title centering

Changes for v10.6 - v10.6.2

  • Minor fix: bug when number of days in history was set to 0
  • Minor fix: a clip was FIXED at pos 1
  • Major fix: invalid hotkey error when used in Russian systems
  • Added: A sound beep in protected channels

Changes for v10 - v10.6

  • Fixed a bug with A key in Paste mode
  • Fixed bugs with channel delete feature
  • Added feature to customize + scripting (Clipjump Customizer) in Clipjump
  • Added search feature in paste mode
  • Added feature to edit clips in Paste mode
  • Added feature : Protected Channels
  • Clipjump now shows changes in current version when updated

Changes for v9.9.3 - v10

  • Added option to Copy and Move clips from one channel to another
  • Now press A in paste mode to go to Clip 1
  • Current Clip pointer in paste mode is never discarded
  • You can use Middle Mouse Button to Insta-paste
  • Added option in Ini to set program's default priority

Changes for v9.9.1 - v9.9.3

  • Fixed bad gui control sizes in all windows
  • Added option to delete a channel
  • Other small bug fixes

Changes for v9.8.9 - v9.9.1

  • Made Clipjump possible to be translated in other languages.
  • Removed system-level shortcuts for copy file data, copy file path, pitswap and channel selector. They can be accessed from Clipjump Action Mode and a system-level shortcut for them can still be created.
  • fixed many odd bug

Changes for v9.8.8 - v9.8.9

  • Added Ignore Windows Manager , a GUI for managing Ignored (disabled) windows for Clipjump . (credits to fump2000)
  • Partially fixed bugs with Notepad++ column mode and Excel multiple-row/column paste.

Changes for v9.8.5 - v9.8.8

  • Fixed bug with Clipjump copying in zipped files opened in Windows Explorer
  • Fixed some bugs with Excel 2010 and Clipjump

Changes for v9.7.2 - v9.8.5

  • Fixed bug with Clipjump in MS Excel
  • Fixed bug with Cut functionality in MS Excel and Kingsoft Office (you can add more spreadsheet application too)
  • Added an option to auto-disable Clipjump when certain window is active
  • Added an option to play sound when data copied to Clipjump
  • Fixed bugs with Channel cycles in Paste-Mode

Changes for v9.7.2 - v9.8.1

  • Added an option to auto-disable Clipjump when certain window is active
  • Added an option to play sound when data copied to Clipjump
  • Fixed bugs with Channel cycles in Paste-Mode

Changes for v9.7 - v9.7.2

  • Bug fix in No-Formatting option
  • Bug fix in the Update Dialog Box
  • Added Translate option to the Help File

Changes for v9.5 - v9.7

  • Added Action Mode (Ctrl+Shift+A) . One place to execute all the functionalities in Clipjump.
  • New 'Disable Clipjump' option available in the tray as well as Action Mode.
  • Made Clipjump suitable to work with all keyboard layouts.
  • Re-organised Tray menu.
  • 'One Time Stop' and 'Copy active folder path' have no default shortcuts now. They can be used from Action Mode as well as their custom shortcut can be created.
  • Delete All mode now has a confirmation routine.
  • History Partial setting is now saved at program exit.
  • Fixed bug with Shortcuts not being unhooked after they were changed.

Changes for v9.1 - v9.5

  • Added PitSwap feature (Ctrl+Shift+Z)
  • A better History preview window . Resizes picture automatically with window resize . Highlights searched text
  • Now possible to jump channels directly with Up-Down keys in the Paste-Mode.
  • Added 'Partial Search' algorithm in History Tool for better, user-friendly searches.
  • Added 'Reset Clipjump' option in About window to sort of uninstall Clipjump.
  • History Tool is now both faster and more accurate in searching and loading.
  • Performance improvements in Paste-mode navigation
  • Bug fixed where the Preview Right Click option in History tool will not work.

Changes for v9.05 - v9.1

  • Made History Tool to show size of items in the window rather the Total Size in the Status bar.
  • Added a new setting 'is_duplicate_copied' to abandon Clipjump copying duplicate consecutive clips.
  • Improvements in the preview functionality , better aspect ratio adjustments.

Changes for v9.02 - v9.05

  • Now Copy Folder Path, Copy File Path and Copy File Data functions work with all file managers.
  • History Tool now starts with clips sorted date-wise.
  • Fixed a bug which may have stopped Clipjump to monitor Clips.

Changes for v9.0 - v9.02

  • Fixed a bug (arised in v9.0) with Copy File Data and History Tool clip-reading.
  • Minor changes in the About window

Changes for v8.85 - v9.0

  • Added a special Pit channel
  • Added Size column in History tool
  • Fixed a bug with newly created Clipjump Channels
  • Fixed Clipboard Read error bugs

Changes for v8.82 - v8.85

  • •Fixed a bug where items different than selected where pasted by Clipjump
  • •Enhacements in Settings tool

Changes for v8.8 - v8.82

  • Minor corrections for the previous 8.8 version

Changes for v8.7 - v8.8

  • "Can't Open Clipboard for writing" RANDOM BUG FIXED !
  • More minor bug fixes

Changes for v8.5 - v8.7

  • Make PASTE-MODE (Ctrl+V) shortcut configurable.
  • New options added to copy only to system clipboard bypassing Clipjump (See Miscellaneous section in Advanced guide)
  • Added ini setting to start Clipjump with NO-FORMATTING enabled.
  • changed shortcut for insta-paste to Space
  • New icons added to denote Incognito Mode and Clipboard monitoring disabled state.

Changes for v8.4 - v8.5

  • Minor changes in History Tool
  • Instapaste feature updated
  • Minor bug fixes

Changes for v7.8 - v8.4

  • Clipjump Channels now support unique names for channels.
  • Image File data is now copied with Copy File Data
  • Exporting and sharing clipboards is now possible via Export feature
  • Fixed the slow copying in Excel and other possible apps.
  • History tool is much better now, remembers user's preferences for window positions and sizes and more...
  • Now possible to completely turn off History recording.
  • History tool shortcut can now be changed and disabled.
  • Tons of bug-fixes and minor improvements in all modules.

Changes for v7.2 - v7.8

  • Added Clipjump Channels
  • Total Clipjump control now possible with Clipjump Controller
  • Shortcuts are configurable via the Settings editor now
  • Added Copy File Data(Ctrl+Alt+D)
  • Added One Time Stop feature (Alt+K)
  • Added Incognito mode in Clipjump History
  • History Tool - Date is now sorted correctly
  • Made Clipjump more resistive to by-chance Clipboard conflicts
  • Pasting is now instant when needed.

Changes for v7.0 - v7.2

  • Removed the restriction in Non-Admin access to use Clipjump.
  • Better History Tool, added ability to select Clipboard by using the Down Key in Search Box
  • Added Insta-Paste feature in History Tool, press Shift+Enter on the selected clipboard item to paste it directly to the underlying window.
  • Bug fixes that originated due to Clipjump's jump to Unicode
  • ClipjumpCommunicator Autohotkey lib is super-fast and super-dependable now.
  • ClipjumpController released to control Clipjump from external API
  • Reliablity improvements in Clipjump's Clipboard Monitoring
  • Now History Tool shows Disk space consumption

Changes for v6.7 - v7.0

  • Bug fixes that originated due to Clipjump's jump to Unicode
  • ClipjumpCommunicator Autohotkey lib is super-fast and super-dependable now.
  • ClipjumpController released to control Clipjump from external API
  • Reliablity improvements in Clipjump's Clipboard Monitoring
  • Now History Tool shows Disk space consumption

Changes for v6.4 - v6.7

  • Clipjump now is Unicode
  • No-Formatting Mode added - Truncate formatting from clips with ease
  • Total Control on Clipjump now is possible via ClipjumpCommunicator

Changes for v5.0 - v6.0

  • Fixed problems with MS Excel and other office (OR Office-like) apps.
  • Clipjump now shows Data type in Tips. A very handy addition. (Thanks nnnik)
  • Better cosmetics now ! Thanks to chaz
  • Added more features in Settings and History Tool (Multiple Selections, Tooltip Help)
  • Fixed Minor Bugs

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